I did, I took a late afternoon nap and before waking up just now, I was dreaming that Europe was saving itself from the horde of migrants that are destroying their entire way of life along with their economy.

In my dream, many of the people had risen up and started attacking and killing the migrants in their camps and as they moved in crowds along the roads, by ambushing them from hidden places and shooting them with arrows and anything else they had. Even, in my dream, lobbing mortars into crowds of them and killing many of them.

All this time, the message was going out to them, “Get out of France, get out of Europe, go back home.” They were told that no one would be killed who was heading back the way they came, and before long, first France and then the rest of Europe was free of these people. And then I woke up.

I’ve no idea at all what prompted my brain to come up with that. I wasn’t thinking about anything like that when I fell asleep. I don’t really wish for a slaughter of people, most of whom are just seeking a better chance in life, but I do wish that the good, average citizens of Europe, who are oppressed by their Globalist leaders, would rise up and take their countries back.

My Christmas wish for them is that they expel both their leaders and the migrants and re-create the democracies some of them used to have and that they all should have.

That’s the great thing about wishes, we can wish for anything even when we know that some of them or even all of them will never come true. It’s like having your own personal star in the sky.

One Response to “I HAD A DREAM JUST NOW”

  1. x says:

    Sounds like a great dream. Anyway, almost belated Xmas greetings Mr Sheep.