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Tuesday, December 26th, 2017

This morning I went to our local post office to drop off a couple packages and to discuss the fact of 8 pieces of missing mail/merchandise that I’d paid for that never arrived. One of them I actually hadn’t paid for, it was a new credit card that never showed up, that I’d put charges on, online, and couldn’t pay those charges without knowing the card number and sec. number in order to log on. So late fees accumulated.

On that issue, I contacted the card company and explained that it never showed, they checked and fortunately it had never been activated and used by whoever got it. So they canceled the card and the late fees and have sent another card, yet to arrive.

For the other 7 items, 5 were from China and are lost forever, 1 is being replaced by the seller and the last one had tracking and shows as having been delivered… to someone.

Ennyhoo… I spoke with the postmaster about this, who immediately became irate with me, expounding repeatedly and loudly that They Have Never Had A Single Complaint Before In All The Years Blah Blah Blah, as if I were somehow a culprit instead of the victim. Fucking asshole! Since there’s only one person who delivers that mail, I suggested that he might be the problem and was instantly informed that he was back there listening and what about him? So I simply said that he owed me a tidy sum of $$$, which he does, and left to the sound of the postmaster complaining that he was going to write up a report on all this and he’d never had to write up a report before and BLAH BLAH BLAH.

He must have had a little talk with the route courier because that jerk showed up at my door with my mail in hand, looking very angry, and told me that he’d have my money by next Friday. So I opened the screen door, took my mail from him and said “Thank you” and he walked away.

Two things here. If he got into trouble over all this, he brought it all on himself and he needs to direct that anger accordingly. The other is that he did lose mail and/or misdirect it, because about the same time mine disappeared, he delivered 2 letters to me that were not mine and one even went to a different street entirely.

Running a business is enough trouble without the mailman losing your inventory and giving other people your credit cards, and postmasters need to keep their concerns focused on their customers and not whether one of their screwups is going to make them look bad.

After leaving there this morning I found myself once again wishing I had a button I could push that would instantly wipe out the vast majority of humanity. Christmas never really got started for me this year and it’s definitely over, I can tell.