Yup, Christmas has melted into New Years and the New Year has been celebrated all across the various lands that celebrate New Years on Jan. 1st, and thus we forge bravely ahead into the unknown abyss of Time that we now call 2018. Time marches on and carries us with it whether we want to go or not, and then only the lucky ones. Many of us failed to make it this far along.

Ever wonder what Time is? It’s like a stomach ache when you get the flu. It’s merely a symptom of something called Motion. Einstein figured this out, that the faster you go, the slower time goes, and when you reach the Universal Constant Speed or whatever you want to call it, Time stops. Most people call that Universal Constant Speed the Speed of Light. It seems to be the limit to how fast things can move in our Universe, and in fact, most everything does move at that speed or very close to it. Electrons zipping around their atomic cores, moving as electricity, passing through empty space, along with heat waves, magnetic waves and pretty much every other form of energy that doesn’t require some form of mass as a medium of travel, like sound.

So if you could get into a spaceship and travel at the Universal Constant speed, not one second of Time would ever pass for you as long as you stayed at that speed. Of course, you would be about as cognizant of existence as a rock is, but you’d live forever. If you wanted to maybe not live forever, you’d have to slow down to a point where your brain functioned again and awareness returned, and that’s where it gets interesting.

Exactly how fast can we go and still be aware of ourselves and our surroundings? Even though our thinking would be slowed with increased speed, at what speed should we stop accelerating if we want to continue to think at all?

I know how important these questions are to all you thousands of loyal readers out there, which is why I ask them, of course. While you’re deeply pondering these mysteries, I still want you to pay attention to where you’re walking and not get yourself lost in an intellectual fog and WATCH OUT FOR THAT TRUCK!!! Ooops. Oh crap…

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