One of my grandmother’s favorite sayings is that “The only thing that’s constant is change”. Which is another way of saying that nothing ever stays the same, things will always change. It’s true, too.

In 1950 the population of the USA was about 150 million and that of Earth, 2.5 billion. Or so. If you check the figures today, the USA population is 323 million, or just over twice what it was 67 years ago, but the Earth’s population is 7.5 BILLION now. At the same time, the population of every city in America has increased by an average factor of 5 times, if you believe the posted numbers, which I don’t. It looks like a lot more than that.

If those numbers are true, though, then our actual population has to be at least 5 times 150 million, or 750 million people, and that looks about right. Not 323 million as we’re told. That’s reasonable, since many millions of Mexicans, Central and South Americans have flooded in here along with unknown millions of people from the Near and Far East and Europe, particularly Eastern Europe. Considering that Earth’s population has tripled, and so many people have poured into our nation, I’m betting that a US population figure of 750 million is much more accurate.

So? I’m pointing this out to explain why there’s so much discord in the US now. The more you jam people together, the more they seek to escape, and if there’s no room to, no way to escape the rest of us, then people turn to sex, drugs, dangerous sports, violent crime, pretty much any activity that ignores personal safety and the rules of normal behavior in society. Many states are legalizing marijuana now, and this is only going to make everything worse.

If the stuff is illegal even though the penalties are not too harsh, its smokers will tend to avoid frequent use, and use itself won’t proliferate because of the social and legal stigmas and penalties. But when it’s openly accepted by everyone, then everyone will use it including very young children and the entire society suffers. Children can’t be expected to act like children if they’re high on pot or any other drug. Plus the competition in the market for stronger and stronger pot just screws up peoples heads even worse.

I smoked pot as a teenager and it wasn’t nearly as potent as what’s grown now. The pot now must be 50 times more potent in effect, and I can see how it’s harming people’s psyches.

But that’s just pot. Everything is going to extremes. A guy goes up in a balloon wearing a space suit and jumps out at the edge of space, to fall 50 miles before opening his parachute. People wear wing suits and jump off cliffs and tall buildings and recently some guy strapped himself into a mini-jet airplane no bigger than him and zipped around the sky. All these people could have easily died doing this stuff, and everyone adored them for being so foolhardy.

Someone in Texas shoots lots of people at a concert, Muslims over in France do it too, and the only reason the attacks stopped in England is because the Brits caved in to the terrorists demands and gave away their nation to them.

The rant goes on ad infinitum, so what am I saying here? That unrest and overpopulation are a part of each other, and you should expect it to keep getting worse as more people fill up less and less space. Eventually there will be another mass extinction visited on Earth from space, which will solve the human problem for awhile.
But, only for awhile. Everything moves and all populations are like waves, that rise and fall.

2 Responses to “EVERYTHING MOVES”

  1. John Smith says:

    There’s no reason to disagree that there are 323 million people in the US.As US cities developed, people moved from rural areas to cities.And people didn’t move from Europe to US illegaly it’s all documented.Everyone that has a passport ,a birth certificate ,a SSN is registered in the system.

  2. Black Sheep says:

    You need to check your figures first and disagree second. The rural population of the USA has INCREASED since 1950. Not a lot but according to 2003 figures, by another 6 million. The number living on farms has gone down but the number living in rural counties has gone up.

    Now, with that in mind, go back and take a second look at the massive increases in town and city populations, as I have done. Questioning the “official” figures is reasonable. If you don’t want to raise the specter of Overpopulation while millions of Hispanics and others continue to pour in, then you’ll lie about the numbers.

    And “John”, you have no idea, I’ll even say no clue, about all the Europeans that are here illegally. They arrive for visits, yes, with their passports, and then go get SS numbers and find jobs. They just forget to mention that they’re aliens when they do so, it’s easy. You don’t need ID to get ID, and in California you can get a drivers license using any name you like. Okay?