I know personally, and it’s been demonstrated times beyond count in our history, that some of us sometimes get glimpses of coming events. Many people have had feelings of foreboding that kept them from boarding doomed airplane flights, just for one example.

This morning I came across an article in DC Clothesline by a mathematician who claims that we’re “soon”, by the year 2100 or so, to experience the beginning of a sixth Mass Extinction phase.

There may be such a thing as a Universal Consciousness, or at least a racial consciousness, and I’m wondering if this could be behind our apparent plunge as a species into an increasingly total disregard for our safety and future, as a race and as individuals.

Nuclear weapons are steadily proliferating in spite of treaties and -supposed- efforts to prevent this. In my previous post I rant away about the changes happening that are making things worse instead of better, and I can’t help wondering if the way we’re trashing our world, overpopulating, using drugs, all of the anger and hate and insanity, isn’t because we know deep down that it’s all coming to an end soon anyway.

If not, then what’s wrong with us? This is not the world I was born into. People have always done good things and bad things, and there’s always been a certain amount of craziness, but when I was a boy no one was afraid to walk alone on the street at night, and I lived in a big city. Now no one with any sense would do that.

Do we know something as a species?

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