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Sunday, January 21st, 2018

It’s a Sunday morning and the DemonCraps under the misnamed “leadership” of Chuck The Fucked Cluck Schumer have refused to sign off on a budget for our government because the Republicans will not allow them to include amnesty for a horde of illegal aliens into the budget agreement.

In the first place, this isn’t a funding issue and doesn’t belong in our budget bill. By doing this, the DemonCraps withhold funding for our military as well as causing the shutdown of many public services, including our National Park system. This hurts an awful lot of people and costs us many billions of dollars. In fact, the last time these assholes pulled this trick it cost our economy about as much as the border wall with Mexico is expected to cost.

The DACA issue, which is what this is about, doesn’t come around for months yet anyway. This is just one more asinine political power play by the anti-American Communists/Globalists/Thieves to increase their power, since they expect all those DACA Mexicans to vote Democrat, and they probably will. They’re trying to make themselves look like they’re pro-immigrant when the reality is that they’re only trying to improve their own job security. The rest of us are rapidly becoming more anti-immigrant by the day, as this crap keeps making the lives, our lives, American citizen lives, worse.

For those who don’t follow this stuff much, DACA means Dreamer Act, basically, something that the Kenyan, Obama, stuck us with, and it refers to all the illegals who came here as children with their parents and have grown up here. President Trump isn’t going to give them blanket amnesty because he wants the good ones sorted out from the criminals. The good ones can stay but the bad ones can’t, and that’s that. The DemonCraps want them all to stay, for their votes, and the American public can go screw itself. I guarantee that with President Trump at the helm, that’s simply not going to happen.

But you know, even with the government shut down, our military is still on the job same as ever. They’re just not drawing paychecks until the shutdown ends, but there’s plenty of food on hand, lots of supplies, and they’ll do just fine in the meantime.

So I’d be happy if the government stayed shut down. Pres. Trump is working for free and most of those with him are independently wealthy, so they’re fine. Eventually, when the paychecks never arrive for all those DemonCrap assholes in the Senate, they’ll start singing a different tune, especially when all this is their fault and people start threatening them, throwing paint on their cars and so forth and generally making it clear that their job security isn’t very secure anymore. Keep the government shut down, and starve the bastards out.