Watching Pres. Trump give his first State of the Union speech last night, I was impressed with a conflicting variety of responses from the gathered crowd, as much as I was from his words. Never since Ronald Reagan have I heard a President use forceful language like that to express truths about our nation and what we need to do to fix it, and never before have I seen either party behave as horribly as the Democrats did at a SOTU speech last night.

This is the PRESIDENCY OF THE UNITED STATES and this office is to be HONORED AND RESPECTED. Even if you hate the President as much as I did Barack Obama, you show respect for the office. The Democrats all sat and scowled even as grieving parents and military heroes were honored. They even refused to applaud a 12 year old boy who put flags on soldiers graves. WHAT IN THE HELL IS THE MATTER WITH THESE PEOPLE?

The Democrats that have been elected to our Congress are an embarrassment to our nation and to me personally. The world watches this behavior.

Shame on them.

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