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Saturday, February 17th, 2018

The open attacks by the Left on Christians are becoming more prevalent by Hollywood and Leftist Media. Famous people who openly declare their belief in one or more deities, God, Jesus, etc., and call themselves Christians are being attacked from the Left as being mentally ill.

Personally, I agree that superstitious beliefs are aberrant thinking. This doesn’t make such beliefs into a form of mental illness unless the person having them becomes obsessive to the point of closed-mindedness regarding any other views.

Most people who call themselves Christians don’t shove their dogma in other people’s faces. They just go quietly about their lives. It’s the ones who tell others that they’re damned and going to burn in agony forever in some horrible place if they don’t cave in and accept a fantasy as being reality, those are the sick ones.

Mankind has believed in a spirit world for far longer than we can even know, out of ignorance and fear. The human tendency is to fill in the gaps of our knowledge with belief. Our opinions are often based more on what we believe to be true than on what we know is true, and most of us are unable to separate direct knowledge from belief – which is why people are the most unreliable kind of witness in court trials.

People raised since childhood to believe in some religion are mentally off balance because of those false teachings, and some, such as Islamists, are in fact taught to be mentally ill as children by those who cram the violent hatreds of Islamic belief into their trusting and receptive minds.

There’s a difference in between being mentally off-center, which pretty much all of us are anyway, and being mentally ill, and that difference shows up in the way we express it. Attacking religions for being nothing but superstition, is fair game. Attacking people who’ve been victimized already as children for being taught their beliefs, is another.

This is the primary reason, I think, that the founders of this country made a big issue of ensuring freedom of religion. Some of them were atheists, but they were also realists. People tend to believe almost anything, it’s so much easier than actually taking the trouble to know, so when someone tells a story, and it’s a feel-good story or a hope-filling story, people, especially desperate people, are happy to believe it. It’s just how we are.


Monday, February 12th, 2018

Michael Robinson, who currently goes by the name of Michelle Obama, is not a woman. He’s a guy and he still has his dick to prove it. We know because there’s tons of pictures that have been taken of this guy in full drag, wearing a dress, and you can see his dick poking up. That’s not an incredibly huge clitoris doing that, it’s a penis.

I mention this because this impersonator of an actual woman has had his portrait done by some sycophantic asshole, I mean “artist”, and now people are fighting over whether it makes “her” look beautiful or not.

It’s a true testament to the progress made in plastic surgery that this creature has actually, and steadily, appeared more feminine as time has gone by. Certainly he can afford the very best, considering the huge sums he and his homosexual lover, Barack, robbed from the American people, and I have to admit that he looks far more convincing as a female now than he did before Barack was handed the Presidency by the Globalist machine.

But, Jesus Freaking Christ! Is this the future? Is this Negro pervert going to be forever adulated by the media instead of being declared the farce that he, or it, actually is? This is my point, that this man-as-woman farce continues to be perpetrated on the world. What’s gained by that?

Pres. Lyndon Johnson had a hand in the death of John Kennedy and very likely his brother Bobby as well, whom Lyndon deeply hated. All the evidence is there and is just as obvious as Michael Robinson’s little poochy-outy dick, Yet the silence goes on.

No doubt 2000 years from now, historians will publicly discuss these truths, just as they now publicly discuss the sinister doings and sexual excesses of the Romans that the Roman leadership surely kept hidden from the general public at the time. People in power don’t like it known that they’re worse and lower scum by far than the people they pretend to be better than.


Wednesday, February 7th, 2018

The rage and bluster coming out of North Korea’s Kim Jong Un and China’s Zhou En Lai against the USA has shut down. All is silent from the North Korean and his Chinese master, yet their buildup of forces and increases in preparations for war continue. Clearly, something is about to happen.

The Chinese have been bringing literally hundreds of thousands of troops up to their border with North Korea along with stationing anti-missile defense batteries there. The Russians are also increasing their forces along their own border with N. Korea, and it’s not clear if these parties are preparing to invade in order to combat an American invasion, or to stop a swarm of N. Korean refugees from taking advantage of an attack by us to escape the country.

Our various news media are all silent now about North Korea except for some society-page type reporting on the N. Koreans taking part in the Olympics in S. Korea. Yet the N. Korean buildup goes on and their direct threat to S. Korea continues to increase. This can’t go on indefinitely, and the Chinese continue to supply them with oil in violation of their promises to stop. They agreed to the sanctions yet don’t observe them.

It’s finally becoming open acknowledgement in our government that China is our enemy, not our friend, and is an extremely dangerous trading partner. It’s a fact that most of the worst opiate drugs are coming here directly from China, and most of the hacking and stealing of data is from China.

I keep waiting for something, anything, to be done, and the longer I wait the more the danger increases of either an all-out war or our total collapse from inaction. Which way this goes, I don’t know. Yet.