The rage and bluster coming out of North Korea’s Kim Jong Un and China’s Zhou En Lai against the USA has shut down. All is silent from the North Korean and his Chinese master, yet their buildup of forces and increases in preparations for war continue. Clearly, something is about to happen.

The Chinese have been bringing literally hundreds of thousands of troops up to their border with North Korea along with stationing anti-missile defense batteries there. The Russians are also increasing their forces along their own border with N. Korea, and it’s not clear if these parties are preparing to invade in order to combat an American invasion, or to stop a swarm of N. Korean refugees from taking advantage of an attack by us to escape the country.

Our various news media are all silent now about North Korea except for some society-page type reporting on the N. Koreans taking part in the Olympics in S. Korea. Yet the N. Korean buildup goes on and their direct threat to S. Korea continues to increase. This can’t go on indefinitely, and the Chinese continue to supply them with oil in violation of their promises to stop. They agreed to the sanctions yet don’t observe them.

It’s finally becoming open acknowledgement in our government that China is our enemy, not our friend, and is an extremely dangerous trading partner. It’s a fact that most of the worst opiate drugs are coming here directly from China, and most of the hacking and stealing of data is from China.

I keep waiting for something, anything, to be done, and the longer I wait the more the danger increases of either an all-out war or our total collapse from inaction. Which way this goes, I don’t know. Yet.


  1. x says:

    Trading is very one sided. The Chinese are notorious for having no respect for intellectual property rights, if they can grab it they will. I used to have a router that recorded where attempted attacks had come from. Mostly China. Most fake goods are from there too, think I’d trust Europol more than them:

    Impossible to believe it could happen on this scale unless their government is deliberately turning a blind eye to the problem. Worse, so many are dangerous. The products recall site in the UK mostly lists fake Chinese goods.

    Think there is more chance of rapport with Russia than them.

    PS Mind you, it’s the F* Ruskies who are mostly trying to hack my business website.