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Wednesday, March 14th, 2018

Stephen Hawking has died at the age of 76, finally succumbing to a combination of incredible ugliness, massive overbite and sensationalist predictions, compounded by mental forays into scientific speculation where absolutely no one else on the planet could manage to follow.

Hawking follows in the footsteps of Carl Sagan, who preached scientific absolutes with absolute certainty that everyone else continues to refer to as “theories” to this day.

While making genuine contributions to the advancement of actual science, people like Sagan and Hawking also demonstrate that ego and science make totally incompatible bedfellows, and giving them fame only corrupts their judgement.

Fame is best left to those in Hollywood, sports and politics, all of whom we know to be full of shit and therefor have no respect for their often stated and moronic opinions.


Wednesday, March 14th, 2018

Yer friendly local bartender here wit’ more tales of sad despair, shameful deeds and deep feelings of guilt, loss, longing, grief and so forth.

The shop is getting steadily busier with the direct result that more and more people are seeing fit to unburden themselves with that bearded old guy behind the cash register.

FORTUNATELY, just as many people, or maybe even more than that, are expressing their happiness at the fact that there’s a real craft store in the valley that sells lots of different things and at low prices. Those are the people who come in to look around and discover all sorts of neat, blingy doodads that they don’t necessarily need but just really like, and they’re very affordable. Those are the people I enjoy seeing come back into the shop. They light the place up with their exuberance, and nearly all of them thank me after buying something. Now, that says something.

It looks like the joint is going to fly. My latest radio campaign is really bringing them in this time, and the timing itself is pure genius, I must modestly admit, as Spring is in the air and those turgid winter juices within are starting to warm and flow once again in our desert mountain community.

So I can put up with those old farts who come in just to whine to me how they still grieve for their lost wife after 14 years and never buy a goddam thing. Eventually they give it up, I suppose because I never offer to go have a drink with them after closing, or maybe because I’m not quite as sympathetic as they’re looking for.

Hey, I’ve had tons of losses and grief in my life, I know all about it. But I moved on, let go and moved on. If other’s can’t find their way to do that, okay, just don’t expect me to be miserable with you. That’s not what life is about.


Friday, March 9th, 2018

Something I’ve been wishing one of our Presidents would do is start imposing the same tariffs on our foreign trade partners that they impose on us, and FINALLY, President Trump is doing it.

The doomsayers whine illogically and falsely that imposing tariffs will harm our economy by raising prices at home, but this just isn’t so. The fact is that China, the greatest offender, charges a 25% tariff on goods we send them, while our tariff on their imports is only 2.5%, and this is killing our home industries and causing unemployment, which causes our economy to tank.

Our exporters have to pay that 25% out of their own pockets, but the money doesn’t go to the Chinese buyers, it goes to the Chinese government. The buyers pay the increased price. A $1 item costs the Chinese buyer $1.25 from the US seller, who then pays the Chinese government $0.25. So yes, this raises the cost of American goods in China, and if we start charging the Chinese the same tariff rate, it will raise the price of Chinese goods here in the USA.

However… when this is a two-way street and both ways are equal, what happens? Tariffs are dropped entirely, is what happens. I’ve seen this before and I’m sure that now we’re seeing it again. The last time I recall a tariff war going on was at least 50 years ago, but it worked out exactly as I’m saying. When we started imposing the same high tariffs on other nations as they were inflicting on us and our goods, they, and we, ended up dropping those tariffs by mutual agreement.

You watch, soon China and other high-import-tariff nations will rush to the bargaining table and agree to lower their tariffs. Of course, they’ll still want to have higher tariffs than ours, so we’ll have to keep an eye on how that goes, but Pres. Trump is on exactly the right track here. Winning!


Thursday, March 1st, 2018

Ol Vladdy Putin has just announced to the world that he has badder nukes than we have and our defenses are helpless against his nuke-tipped rockets. Oh dear, oh dear, oh what shall we do?

This kind of bellicose rhetorical crap is nothing but pap for the locals. In-house propaganda that means nothing to the rest of the world and shouldn’t mean anything to any Russians in possession of functional brains.

Anything that Russia is developing or has developed is no secret to us, anymore than our projects are secrets to them. There’s so many spies everywhere and so many computers zapping away, all analyzing what every little tic and twitch means, all picking through the trillions of emails and phone calls like crows picking through a garbage dump for every last possible morsel. Nothing gets lost, no information is overlooked, and we all know what each other is doing and what each other is capable of.

That’s the real modern arms race, not just the constant search for better weapons but also and more importantly, the silent war to keep jumping ahead of each other in a constantly changing sea of weapons types and capabilities. You make a more powerful hand grenade, I make a smarter one. You smarten yours up, I make mine self-propelled. You do the same, I create an interceptor. So it goes.

I see a different motive in Putin’s threatening rhetoric besides the one the news media seems to think is it. That some people in Russia were screwing with our election process, I don’t doubt. It would be to their great advantage to be able to exercise some control over who we elect. However, it’s also to Russia’s great advantage to be on good terms with us instead of bad ones and that primarily means being on good terms with our President. So the more there appears to be a rift between us and them, the less Pres. Trump’s opponents can say he’s “colluding with Russia”. Discord between us takes away their believability.

The plain reality is that we have the wrong friends and the wrong enemies. China and Saudi Arabia are our worst enemies and yet we treat them as if they were our best friends. We and Russia may always be in competition with each other but we should be allied together against China and the Islamic nations, very much including Saudi Arabia. Those people are particularly evil. Ideally, we and Russia should be allied on the level of functioning as one nation. Before this can happen, we both need to clean out the criminal elements in our respective societies that would otherwise be taking advantage of the merger to suck both nations dry.

Pres. Trump is working to this end now, with his relentless assault on the MS-13 gang. Russia has it’s own Russian Mafia that Putin needs to wipe out, and meanwhile both leaders are promoting Christianity like crazy.

I hate all religions for the utter bullshit that they are, but the current fact is that when you subjugate the stupid and gullible under some heap of dogma and make them scared to shit in the wrong hole lest they “get sent to Hell and yatta yatta”, they behave a whole lot better than they otherwise would. Religion is a very useful tool for controlling mass behavior.

Anyway, that’s what I think, which is that Trump and Putin are planning to ally our nations and are taking the necessary first steps toward that goal.