Something I’ve been wishing one of our Presidents would do is start imposing the same tariffs on our foreign trade partners that they impose on us, and FINALLY, President Trump is doing it.

The doomsayers whine illogically and falsely that imposing tariffs will harm our economy by raising prices at home, but this just isn’t so. The fact is that China, the greatest offender, charges a 25% tariff on goods we send them, while our tariff on their imports is only 2.5%, and this is killing our home industries and causing unemployment, which causes our economy to tank.

Our exporters have to pay that 25% out of their own pockets, but the money doesn’t go to the Chinese buyers, it goes to the Chinese government. The buyers pay the increased price. A $1 item costs the Chinese buyer $1.25 from the US seller, who then pays the Chinese government $0.25. So yes, this raises the cost of American goods in China, and if we start charging the Chinese the same tariff rate, it will raise the price of Chinese goods here in the USA.

However… when this is a two-way street and both ways are equal, what happens? Tariffs are dropped entirely, is what happens. I’ve seen this before and I’m sure that now we’re seeing it again. The last time I recall a tariff war going on was at least 50 years ago, but it worked out exactly as I’m saying. When we started imposing the same high tariffs on other nations as they were inflicting on us and our goods, they, and we, ended up dropping those tariffs by mutual agreement.

You watch, soon China and other high-import-tariff nations will rush to the bargaining table and agree to lower their tariffs. Of course, they’ll still want to have higher tariffs than ours, so we’ll have to keep an eye on how that goes, but Pres. Trump is on exactly the right track here. Winning!

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  1. x says:

    Seems to be doing a lot of things right. Free trade is good provided it’s reciprocal but it sure isn’t. We are all being undercut by China and other emerging countries and mass immigration is dragging our economies down to their levels.

    Not the only issue where the US and some other developed countries are paying more than their due – NATO and climate change agreements spring to mind. Good ideas in principle but need renegotiating, for others to contribute more.

    I suspect, despite all the lefty hysteria against him, that Trump’s popularity will see a real rise.

  2. Black Sheep says:

    Actually, he’s very popular. It just doesn’t appear that way to you and others in Europe because of the bad Socialist/Communist press that he gets everywhere. We the people are thankful as hell that he’s President.

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