It’s beginning to look a lot like Politics. Pres. Trump just signed a massive new spending bill that DOES NOT include any funding for THE WALL, after saying that maybe he might possibly veto it maybe, possibly, because of that, maybe. Is he or anyone planning on telling the American People WHEN we may expect to see that Wall?

I’m getting really really tired of this shit along with all the rest of us who voted him in. Either get the border wall built or shut down the government by refusing to sign these spending bills until it does get built.

I know that he signed this because he wants a lot of new money for our military, and we do need a stronger military to face the rising threats of China and Russia. We need to not only keep up but to stay in front, especially technologically. Anyone who thinks the Cold War is over is nuts, and it’s the Cold War that keeps it from becoming a Hot War.

Maybe I’m expecting too much. I’m not in his shoes and very possibly there’s too many traitors within the GOP to ever get funding for that Wall, I don’t know. But I am frustrated. We all are, and it’s time to do something serious to get the attention of those recalcitrant, cheap-labor loving assholes. We need a true patriot, perhaps a militia (?), to step in and act decisively to convince them in whatever way that’s necessary that we must stop the illegal alien invasion.

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