In the movie Terminator, an artificial intelligence, AI for short, goes to war with humanity and creates humanlike robots to fight and kill us.

The reality is that we won’t need to create some powerful AI factory-controller to do this because we’re doing it ourselves.

The Japs are building robots that look and act like sex slaves, while the Chinese are building robots for the sole purpose of being autonomous war machines. If they make them intelligent enough, these robots can act in concert to plan out attacks, and their reflexes are bound to be virtually instant compared to human reflexes. Add to that the certainty of far greater average firing accuracy, and unless we can come up with effective countermeasures, the robots are going to slaughter our human soldiers when the war we all expect to happen finally arrives.

Science Fiction will never be a match for science fact. For every fantastic world dreamed up by some writer, ten thousand of them probably already exist in reality. For instance, I just read that it’s likely that the interior of Saturn’s gaseous mass enjoys rains of diamonds that form in the atmosphere.

The day will come when humans will live longer than 1000 years, when we inhabit a variety of planets as well as crowding the La Grange points of our own, and of Mars, and Jupiter and etc. Right now, some of our news media are beginning to openly acknowledge that we are being visited by beings from other worlds, and it may not be much longer before some of the Earth’s national governments also acknowledge this. They should, because we are, and national polls show that the majority think so now.

Religion is beginning to die out. It may never, because stupidity and gullibility come in the same package and fools will probably always be born, along with people who would rather preach to them for money than work an honest job, but the various priesthoods are all approaching Endangered status as more and more people turn away from superstition.

It would be fun to watch for the next 10,000 years or so, just to see what happens.

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