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Monday, April 30th, 2018

Help! Help! Triffids, Pod Creatures, Things that replicate like huge amoebas are living next door to me.

Tonight I heard the woman who moved in with the drunken maniacal asshole next door to me go berserk on him, screaming and shrieking, blasting out howling gutteral sounds without meaning, just noise that came from deep within a belly full of alcohol and I’m sure was heard a block away. Those, of course, were interspersed with frequent very loud FUCK YOUs and other curses, insults and complaints.

She sounded exactly the way he sounds when he’s drunk and cutting loose. And I have to admit I found it all to be great fun to listen to. Now he’s getting a good dose of what it’s like to be him.

My neighbors, the replicants. I wonder how long now it will be, before that shiny little white car of hers is gone forever from his driveway. I heard her complain that she “came all this way for him, and now what?”, which means she probably was talked into coming here to live with him from Hawaii, where he’s from. An old girlfriend, no doubt. I really would prefer that she hangs out and gives him holy hell for at least a few more months. He deserves a bad time and besides, once she’s gone he’ll start looking for another victim and I still live right next door…..


Sunday, April 29th, 2018

It’s here. 1984. Sometimes following a simple, logical line of thought leads to surprising conclusions. This one surprises me, anyway.

I was thinking that the world has become so dependent on the Internet that if it were to cease to exist, global civilization would collapse, anarchy would ensue and most of us would die. And this is true. All financial commerce goes through the Internet now, starting from the cash registers in every store in the world, to our bank accounts, to the transfers of huge sums between nations. Commerce stops at the hardware store when their Internet service has a blip, as happens around here from time to time. You can’t buy and you can’t sell lumber or food. You can’t even get a haircut without the Internet.

Communication would cease. Our old hard-wire phone systems are obsolete, gone, and we all talk on cell phones now, which would all cease to function at the same time as the Internet, and for the same reason: Nuclear War.

No nation dares to use it’s nukes for fear of starting a general use of them that would not just destroy their enemies, but themselves as well by way of electronics burnout. This is why China has told the North Koreans to toss it in, and agree to quit their nuke programs. Not because they want peace, they don’t, but because Pres. Trump has made it all too clear that he may just nuke N. Korea first to prevent an imminent attack on us in the USA, or at Guam or Hawaii, or on Japan.

The Internet looks like it’s going to be the savior of Mankind. You know, I’ve been wondering why so many high-tech companies are looking to the future and it’s promise of great wonders to come, with the world in such an unstable state. I’ve been wondering what they know that they’re not talking about, to think this way, and I think it’s finally come to me.

Nuclear arsenals are obsolete. Even as Russia and China claim to be creating new missiles to deliver them and even as Pres. Trump says that we’re developing more nukes ourselves, this may all be propaganda on all sides. No doubt some generals here or there still hate to see those things go unused, and no doubt as well that we still have to maintain an effective deterrent against nuclear attack, but the likelihood of any such attack by anyone has shrunk to nearly nothing because of global dependence on microchip technology and the Internet.

If this is not so, then what’s behind the drive to create new and devastating but non-nuclear weapons? Battles are still being fought today and nations will continue to try to dominate each other, because humans are still a long way from true intelligence yet, when the urge to violence finally fades from our DNA. If we can’t nuke each other, gas each other and infect each other anymore, then we need some other way of slaughtering ourselves without harming our precious microchips. And no doubt, we will find more than one.


Thursday, April 26th, 2018

Last night I dreamed that I was deep in a forest of tall trees. Then I came back years later and found the forest gone and paved streets with rows and rows of houses in it’s place.

Then I dreamed of a huge ball of cheese with a colony of ants living inside it that ate cheese as their only food. The more they ate, the more they hollowed out the ball of cheese, and that made more room for ever more cheese-eating ants.

Does anyone see a possible future problem here?


Wednesday, April 18th, 2018

Since the drug wars started in 2006 between rival gangs, aka “Cartels”, up to 2013, there’s been about 170,000 people murdered in Mexico including those who are “missing”. In 2014 the murder rate dropped a little from the previous year, with “only” 15,649 people murdered that year. Since then another 64,000 people have been murdered including at least 200 Americans. Yet still, there’s plenty of really stupid Americans who continue to go there.

Way back in 1961, (yeah, I’ve been around a few years) I visited Angola while they were having a civil war. There were soldiers all over the place with machine guns, guarding the citizens and folks like me. Mexico looks like this in a lot of places. Acapulco is one, famous Acapulco, with it’s beautiful beaches it was the Number One tourist destination in Mexico at one time. Now nobody goes there, it’s too dangerous. Cruise ship passengers who dare to go ashore get robbed at gunpoint, and worse.

Even down in Baja California, at the resorts around Cabo San Luca and other towns, you’re in as much danger from the Policia as you are from bandits. Tourists are getting killed. Raped, robbed and killed. I see ads on TV for “$199 Cancun Vacations”, and while they may give you a 3-day stay for that price, and all-inclusive too, they’ll rob you blind on the money exchange rate and steal your valuables from your rooms. If you wear an expensive watch or real jewelry, and they see it, you’re in serious trouble. Those formerly happy, friendly resorts are no longer safe and Mexico is a really dangerous vacation destination anymore. But if you’re stupid enough to go, go. We need less stupid people here.

The Mexicans sincerely believe that Americans are supposed to provide them with an income, and when our tourism there died down because of the recession, it pissed them off. At us. They’re mad at us and they really think that they have the right to just take our money if we won’t freely spend it there. After all, it was tourist money that built all those fancy resorts and employed all those villagers and it’s our responsibility to keep them employed and happy, and they’ll tell you that, too.

Well, as long as you stay in the resort, you’re safer than if you go into the villages because that’s where the drug gangs are shooting each other and anyone else in the way, like maybe you. Life is an adventure, tho, right?


Saturday, April 14th, 2018

The US, England and France just launched a joint missile attack, supposedly against Bashar Assads supposed chemical weapons “capability”. Sure.

We did this once before for the same reason, a supposed gas attack on supposed civilians. We targeted an air force base in Syria and destroyed a couple of their jet planes that were being used for spare parts, and we made very sure, just as we did this time, to tell the Russians and Syrians what we were attacking well in advance of the attack.

What’s the point of this crap? It can’t be to convince Americans and Europeans that our governments are big, bold and brave. can it? I mean, who cares if we blow a few things up in Syria? Nobody cares. This can’t be impressing the Russians or the Syrians, and we can’t really launch a full-blown attack against Syria because then we’d be in a full-blown war with Russia too. They’ve been tight allies for over 40 years, something the media keeps forgetting to mention.

That weird little fuck Macron with his great-grandmother of a wife, hates Donald Trump and the USA in general, but he joined in on this. Why?

Next day: Our generals are praising the missile strikes and saying that Assad’s chemical weapons making ability has now been severely curtailed after the hits on 3 separate facilities. Oh sure it has, after giving them several days advance notice to remove all the equipment, supplies and personnel from those buildings. Right.

I doubt Assad sees this as more than an irritation, so all I can figure is that this must be a message to the Russians that we’re serious, and this is a demonstration test of their obviously ineffective anti-missile systems. In short, this is about us finding out what their anti-missile capability really is, and them finding out that they’re more vulnerable than they thought they were. Now that they know we can strike them pretty easily, we have a stronger position at our various bargaining tables.

Okay, but don’t be fooled. This wasn’t about any staged, phony gas attacks last time and it isn’t this time either.


Sunday, April 8th, 2018

Since no one else in the news “services” is pointing out this very obvious connection, I feel it my duty to do so because someone should.

The reason that North Korea has agreed to talk about denuclearizing after Kim swore they would not, is because Pres. Trump is about to wreck the economy of China over this, he’s serious, he’ll do it and they know it. North Korea is not going to be allowed to have nukes, PERIOD, regardless of how much their owner, China, wants them to be able to attack us.

It’s simple. China is threatening to retaliate against our tariffs by imposing equal tariffs against us, thinking that might back off Pres. Trump, and that way N. Korea can continue to threaten us. But that’s fine. If they insist on doing that, we will use tactical nuclear weapons on N. Korea to solve this problem because we ARE going to stop them. The Chinese have no choice, if they want a trade war we’ll give them one, one that trashes their economy the way their tactics have trashed ours, and N. Korea will still get hammered flat.

Either way, N. Korea will dismantle their nuclear program, they will agree to full verification of this and that’s that. China’s stupid game will be over and done with.

You’re welcome.


Saturday, April 7th, 2018

Back in the 19th Century and well into the 20th, China was known as The Yellow Peril, yellow of course being the skin color inaccurately assigned to Chinese people, and Peril because there were so very many of them then, just as there are now, and the memory of Genghis Khan and the terror and carnage he brought to Europe had not been forgotten over the centuries. China would always be a threat.

Well, China still is. We fought to free China from their conquest by the Japanese during World War II, and they repaid us by attacking us in North Korea five years later. The Chinese have no allies, not one, in all the world and this is a good reason why. They’re feckless, they, like the Japanese, have no honor even as they make a great show of respecting honor for it’s own sake. But the truth is that they’ll violate any agreement at any time, if it’s advantageous to them to do so.

President Trump has started a trade war with China and the Left is leaping to his attack, claiming that it will be a disaster for America, and that we need China more than they do us. They couldn’t be more wrong or more anti-American and anti-Truth.

The truth is that China is everyone’s enemy and our continued trade with China is bad for everyone except the Chinese government. Ultimately it’s bad for all the Chinese as well because the end goal of the Chinese government is WAR.

Their obvious plan is to weaken us and anyone else possible, as much as possible, while they continue to gain strength. Eventually a point is reached where their strengths and our weaknesses assure them of a victory over us, and this is exactly why Pres. Trump is beginning to strangle their economy. There’s no doubt that the tariff war will harm many of our businesses, including my own little store, but I welcome it because the higher costs go for Chinese goods, the more our own factories will fire back up and start producing Made In USA goods once again, and people will be put back to work at decent wages. Poverty will decrease, the Welfare Rolls will decline, and if we can get enough factories back into production again, and Americans earning enough money again, more Americans will become tourists in foreign countries again.

Why do I mention that? Because THE WHOLE REASON that all those Illegal Alien Mexicans keep streaming into our country is because we quit going over there as tourists and spending money. American tourism is the backbone of the Mexican economy, not drugs, and if our tourism increases, the drugs and Illegals will automatically decrease. They’d much rather stay home and make a living if they can, anyone would.

Degrading the Chinese economy is the best thing that can happen for everyone on our planet. Not just us but all nations being threatened by the Chinese, who more and more are bullying neighboring nations and trying to bully us, pushing and threatening to see how far they can go, how much we’ll back down.

Of note regarding this is our recently increased overtures under Pres. Trump to the Vietnamese. Even though they’re a Communist nation, they’re also enemies of the Chinese, and they’ve openly declared their willingness to do battle with them regardless of the outcome. It’s strange, but we and the Vietnamese may become allies in war against the Chinese, and it should be kept in mind that they were also allied with Russia against us back in the 60’s. Times like these prove the adage that “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”


Thursday, April 5th, 2018

But don’t call me Colored.

This is so stupid. When I was a teenager, black Americans PREFERRED to be called “Colored People”. Oh, but not now. Now they want to be called “African Americans”. Well, FUCK THAT, OKAY? I’m mostly of European ancestry. Do I demand to be called “European American”? Hell no, nobody does, but the black people in this country seize on any form of P.C. bullshit they can that gets them some attention.

What fired off this rant was reading this morning how some white guy referred to blacks as “Colored people” and ended up apologizing for his “hurtful words”. Aww, come on, that’s such total crap. Can we maybe someday get done with silly, childish stuff as this and start acting like grown-ups? I call myself White, because I am. Blacks call themselves Black, when they are. But most brown people in this country just call themselves Americans. Shouldn’t that be good enough? What could be better?


Thursday, April 5th, 2018

President Trump is sending our National Guard to our southern border, yes, the one with the shithole country known as Mexico, to act as The Wall, since the feckless bastards in our nearly worthless government won’t allow the building of The Wall. I wish he’d done this a year ago, I’m glad he finally is and I sincerely hope that the Guard will be allowed to shoot to kill anyone refusing to stop and turn back.

After Pres. Trump announced a tariff against $50 billion or so worth of Chinese imports, China has done the same to us in response, supposedly signalling the beginning of a trade war that could send our stock market into a tailspin. Bullshit, never happen. In the first place, he had to have known that the Chinese would respond that way. He’s going to force the Chinese to start accepting more of our goods, while giving our manufacturers more incentive to start our own factories back up and move our manufacturing back to America. You watch. The massive trade imbalance between us and China is going to go into reverse.

Another California city, Huntington Beach, is rebelling against the state leadership over their refusal to obey Federal laws and their protection of illegal aliens. They’ve just joined a growing list of California cities that are against the influx of criminal illegal aliens, mostly from Mexico, Honduras, Columbia and Guatemala, who are taking away the local jobs, driving down wages, driving up taxes, loading up the welfare rolls, causing overpopulation squalor, and dramatically increasing the CRIME RATE. If enough cities can sue our state government and join the Federal lawsuit against those Communist assholes, it might be possible to make California a nice place to live in again. But first we need to get rid of the Jerry Brown crowd that’s wrecked this state.

At least, things are happening. The Democrats are throwing everything they have at the Trump Administration to stop his reversal of their corruption of our nation, and they are having an effect. But for all that they’ve blocked his efforts, he’s still done far more to advance his agenda than they have to halt it. They’re steadily losing, like a pebble trying to hold back a glacier. What doesn’t get pushed aside gets rolled over.


Sunday, April 1st, 2018

One of the top “Trending” stories on the Fox News website this morning is that the Prince Harry/Meghan Markel wedding’s FLORIST has been announced. Oh my Great Frabjous Goddam JOY, like everyone else on our little planet, I’ve been LONGING TO KNOW just who their florist is going to be. Right? What a thrill to start off the day with.

We’re also informed that this Royal Whoopidoo is costing around $45,000,000. Yes, that’s Forty Five Million Dollars. For a wedding. These two must be the two most arrogant, selfish and conceited snobs on the entire Earth, outside of Mark Zuckerberg, of course, to put such a huge display of wealth and to squander such a fortune entirely for their own aggrandizement, in the faces of millions of truly poor Britains.

Granted that it’s their money, but they represent the leaders of Great Britain, the attitude of the leaders of that nation, and that attitude clearly says that the poor people of Britain can kiss their asses, that they don’t have a single thought for any of them. Which we all knew was true anyway, but why advertise it like this?