One of the top “Trending” stories on the Fox News website this morning is that the Prince Harry/Meghan Markel wedding’s FLORIST has been announced. Oh my Great Frabjous Goddam JOY, like everyone else on our little planet, I’ve been LONGING TO KNOW just who their florist is going to be. Right? What a thrill to start off the day with.

We’re also informed that this Royal Whoopidoo is costing around $45,000,000. Yes, that’s Forty Five Million Dollars. For a wedding. These two must be the two most arrogant, selfish and conceited snobs on the entire Earth, outside of Mark Zuckerberg, of course, to put such a huge display of wealth and to squander such a fortune entirely for their own aggrandizement, in the faces of millions of truly poor Britains.

Granted that it’s their money, but they represent the leaders of Great Britain, the attitude of the leaders of that nation, and that attitude clearly says that the poor people of Britain can kiss their asses, that they don’t have a single thought for any of them. Which we all knew was true anyway, but why advertise it like this?

2 Responses to “LET THEM EAT CRAP”

  1. x says:

    I’m hoping, once the current popular pair have snuffed it and that plonker Charles takes over, that there will be a big rise of republicanism and we can get shot of this outdated institution. People being handed vast wealth and privilege for no good reason is hardly a good message if we want to tighten up on welfare.

  2. Black Sheep says:

    That’s a true fact. What Britain needs most tho, besides OUT, is to be rid of the disease of Socialism. That would help a whole lot in tightening up on welfare.