President Trump is sending our National Guard to our southern border, yes, the one with the shithole country known as Mexico, to act as The Wall, since the feckless bastards in our nearly worthless government won’t allow the building of The Wall. I wish he’d done this a year ago, I’m glad he finally is and I sincerely hope that the Guard will be allowed to shoot to kill anyone refusing to stop and turn back.

After Pres. Trump announced a tariff against $50 billion or so worth of Chinese imports, China has done the same to us in response, supposedly signalling the beginning of a trade war that could send our stock market into a tailspin. Bullshit, never happen. In the first place, he had to have known that the Chinese would respond that way. He’s going to force the Chinese to start accepting more of our goods, while giving our manufacturers more incentive to start our own factories back up and move our manufacturing back to America. You watch. The massive trade imbalance between us and China is going to go into reverse.

Another California city, Huntington Beach, is rebelling against the state leadership over their refusal to obey Federal laws and their protection of illegal aliens. They’ve just joined a growing list of California cities that are against the influx of criminal illegal aliens, mostly from Mexico, Honduras, Columbia and Guatemala, who are taking away the local jobs, driving down wages, driving up taxes, loading up the welfare rolls, causing overpopulation squalor, and dramatically increasing the CRIME RATE. If enough cities can sue our state government and join the Federal lawsuit against those Communist assholes, it might be possible to make California a nice place to live in again. But first we need to get rid of the Jerry Brown crowd that’s wrecked this state.

At least, things are happening. The Democrats are throwing everything they have at the Trump Administration to stop his reversal of their corruption of our nation, and they are having an effect. But for all that they’ve blocked his efforts, he’s still done far more to advance his agenda than they have to halt it. They’re steadily losing, like a pebble trying to hold back a glacier. What doesn’t get pushed aside gets rolled over.

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