Back in the 19th Century and well into the 20th, China was known as The Yellow Peril, yellow of course being the skin color inaccurately assigned to Chinese people, and Peril because there were so very many of them then, just as there are now, and the memory of Genghis Khan and the terror and carnage he brought to Europe had not been forgotten over the centuries. China would always be a threat.

Well, China still is. We fought to free China from their conquest by the Japanese during World War II, and they repaid us by attacking us in North Korea five years later. The Chinese have no allies, not one, in all the world and this is a good reason why. They’re feckless, they, like the Japanese, have no honor even as they make a great show of respecting honor for it’s own sake. But the truth is that they’ll violate any agreement at any time, if it’s advantageous to them to do so.

President Trump has started a trade war with China and the Left is leaping to his attack, claiming that it will be a disaster for America, and that we need China more than they do us. They couldn’t be more wrong or more anti-American and anti-Truth.

The truth is that China is everyone’s enemy and our continued trade with China is bad for everyone except the Chinese government. Ultimately it’s bad for all the Chinese as well because the end goal of the Chinese government is WAR.

Their obvious plan is to weaken us and anyone else possible, as much as possible, while they continue to gain strength. Eventually a point is reached where their strengths and our weaknesses assure them of a victory over us, and this is exactly why Pres. Trump is beginning to strangle their economy. There’s no doubt that the tariff war will harm many of our businesses, including my own little store, but I welcome it because the higher costs go for Chinese goods, the more our own factories will fire back up and start producing Made In USA goods once again, and people will be put back to work at decent wages. Poverty will decrease, the Welfare Rolls will decline, and if we can get enough factories back into production again, and Americans earning enough money again, more Americans will become tourists in foreign countries again.

Why do I mention that? Because THE WHOLE REASON that all those Illegal Alien Mexicans keep streaming into our country is because we quit going over there as tourists and spending money. American tourism is the backbone of the Mexican economy, not drugs, and if our tourism increases, the drugs and Illegals will automatically decrease. They’d much rather stay home and make a living if they can, anyone would.

Degrading the Chinese economy is the best thing that can happen for everyone on our planet. Not just us but all nations being threatened by the Chinese, who more and more are bullying neighboring nations and trying to bully us, pushing and threatening to see how far they can go, how much we’ll back down.

Of note regarding this is our recently increased overtures under Pres. Trump to the Vietnamese. Even though they’re a Communist nation, they’re also enemies of the Chinese, and they’ve openly declared their willingness to do battle with them regardless of the outcome. It’s strange, but we and the Vietnamese may become allies in war against the Chinese, and it should be kept in mind that they were also allied with Russia against us back in the 60’s. Times like these prove the adage that “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

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