Since no one else in the news “services” is pointing out this very obvious connection, I feel it my duty to do so because someone should.

The reason that North Korea has agreed to talk about denuclearizing after Kim swore they would not, is because Pres. Trump is about to wreck the economy of China over this, he’s serious, he’ll do it and they know it. North Korea is not going to be allowed to have nukes, PERIOD, regardless of how much their owner, China, wants them to be able to attack us.

It’s simple. China is threatening to retaliate against our tariffs by imposing equal tariffs against us, thinking that might back off Pres. Trump, and that way N. Korea can continue to threaten us. But that’s fine. If they insist on doing that, we will use tactical nuclear weapons on N. Korea to solve this problem because we ARE going to stop them. The Chinese have no choice, if they want a trade war we’ll give them one, one that trashes their economy the way their tactics have trashed ours, and N. Korea will still get hammered flat.

Either way, N. Korea will dismantle their nuclear program, they will agree to full verification of this and that’s that. China’s stupid game will be over and done with.

You’re welcome.

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