The US, England and France just launched a joint missile attack, supposedly against Bashar Assads supposed chemical weapons “capability”. Sure.

We did this once before for the same reason, a supposed gas attack on supposed civilians. We targeted an air force base in Syria and destroyed a couple of their jet planes that were being used for spare parts, and we made very sure, just as we did this time, to tell the Russians and Syrians what we were attacking well in advance of the attack.

What’s the point of this crap? It can’t be to convince Americans and Europeans that our governments are big, bold and brave. can it? I mean, who cares if we blow a few things up in Syria? Nobody cares. This can’t be impressing the Russians or the Syrians, and we can’t really launch a full-blown attack against Syria because then we’d be in a full-blown war with Russia too. They’ve been tight allies for over 40 years, something the media keeps forgetting to mention.

That weird little fuck Macron with his great-grandmother of a wife, hates Donald Trump and the USA in general, but he joined in on this. Why?

Next day: Our generals are praising the missile strikes and saying that Assad’s chemical weapons making ability has now been severely curtailed after the hits on 3 separate facilities. Oh sure it has, after giving them several days advance notice to remove all the equipment, supplies and personnel from those buildings. Right.

I doubt Assad sees this as more than an irritation, so all I can figure is that this must be a message to the Russians that we’re serious, and this is a demonstration test of their obviously ineffective anti-missile systems. In short, this is about us finding out what their anti-missile capability really is, and them finding out that they’re more vulnerable than they thought they were. Now that they know we can strike them pretty easily, we have a stronger position at our various bargaining tables.

Okay, but don’t be fooled. This wasn’t about any staged, phony gas attacks last time and it isn’t this time either.

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