Since the drug wars started in 2006 between rival gangs, aka “Cartels”, up to 2013, there’s been about 170,000 people murdered in Mexico including those who are “missing”. In 2014 the murder rate dropped a little from the previous year, with “only” 15,649 people murdered that year. Since then another 64,000 people have been murdered including at least 200 Americans. Yet still, there’s plenty of really stupid Americans who continue to go there.

Way back in 1961, (yeah, I’ve been around a few years) I visited Angola while they were having a civil war. There were soldiers all over the place with machine guns, guarding the citizens and folks like me. Mexico looks like this in a lot of places. Acapulco is one, famous Acapulco, with it’s beautiful beaches it was the Number One tourist destination in Mexico at one time. Now nobody goes there, it’s too dangerous. Cruise ship passengers who dare to go ashore get robbed at gunpoint, and worse.

Even down in Baja California, at the resorts around Cabo San Luca and other towns, you’re in as much danger from the Policia as you are from bandits. Tourists are getting killed. Raped, robbed and killed. I see ads on TV for “$199 Cancun Vacations”, and while they may give you a 3-day stay for that price, and all-inclusive too, they’ll rob you blind on the money exchange rate and steal your valuables from your rooms. If you wear an expensive watch or real jewelry, and they see it, you’re in serious trouble. Those formerly happy, friendly resorts are no longer safe and Mexico is a really dangerous vacation destination anymore. But if you’re stupid enough to go, go. We need less stupid people here.

The Mexicans sincerely believe that Americans are supposed to provide them with an income, and when our tourism there died down because of the recession, it pissed them off. At us. They’re mad at us and they really think that they have the right to just take our money if we won’t freely spend it there. After all, it was tourist money that built all those fancy resorts and employed all those villagers and it’s our responsibility to keep them employed and happy, and they’ll tell you that, too.

Well, as long as you stay in the resort, you’re safer than if you go into the villages because that’s where the drug gangs are shooting each other and anyone else in the way, like maybe you. Life is an adventure, tho, right?


  1. Ernesto Ribeiro says:

    BANDIDOCRACIA = “Government by Gangsters”

    includding policemen.

    “DON’T GO!” should be also the advisory for Mexicans on the USA WALL BORDER.


  2. Black Sheep says:

    When the president of a country is elected with money supplied by drug gangs, you’d think that would be enough for intelligent people to know to stay away.

  3. Ernesto Ribeiro says:


    Unfortunatelly, intelligent people is not the case for a lot of TOURISTS.

    My mother is going to visit MOROCCO — a ISLAMIC shit hole counry where tourists have been KILLED in MASS MURDERS by TERRORISTS.

    • Black Sheep says:

      No offense to your mother, but, “Fools rush in where wise men fear to tread.” People who’ve never suffered a terrorist attack or assault by a thug think they’re safe from all harm, right up until it happens to them. I don’t know, Ernesto, sometimes I think all those tourists must have a death wish, the way they go to places like that thinking it’s going to be fun.

  4. Ernesto Ribeiro says:

    Exactly. I think the same. Worse than that: all of my relatives are COMMUNISTS. I am the only Black Sheep in my entire Family.

  5. Black Sheep says:

    Damn. Are you sure we aren’t related? Sounds like my family.

  6. Ernesto Ribeiro says:

    hahaha… Yeah, we can see a simmetry here.

    If you know how it feels have NO ONE to talk in your own home and get aside off all the chats by everyone of your own family like a total strange.

    Worse: even if you could discuss any issue on Politics, all of them would always treat you like a crazy, call you a “nazist” and threat internate you in a Mental Hospice — because ALL your beliefs are the exact OPPOSITIVE of them.

    Their heroes are your enemies and vice-versa. As you like Ronald Reagan, they love Fidel Castro. Their god is Karl Marx. Their hero is Ernesto Che Guevara. Their Jesus Christ is the recently arrested in jail ex-president Lula da Silva.

    My father is a founding of the Brazilian Worker’s Party created by Lula. Since 1980, that Communist leader is the center of a real CULT for all that Leftists.

    And the almost unreal IRONY: in my Birthday Party, when TV News announced his PRISON, I was the only person HAPPY on the table. All of my Socialists relatives were SAD.

  7. Black Sheep says:

    Yep, we’re definitely related. I must be your long-lost uncle.
    I can tell you what the problem is, I think. It’s something I’ve ranted about here before, which is that there’s two basic types of humans, genetically. The Old Type and the New Type.

    Back before the Ice Age ended and humans were all hunter-gatherers that lived short, rough lives, those who survived were the ones that put their own welfare first. Love, and generosity, was something that they couldn’t afford, selfishness was necessary for survival.

    As a result, the ability to love was nearly erased from humanity, genetically, and selfishness became our dominant trait. Most of us are still born this way, as the Old Type. The new name for the Old Type is “Sociopath”.

    Now that we have civilization and cities and live safer and much longer lives, more of us are born as New Types, not so selfish, and much more capable of love and generosity. But the New Types are still outnumbered by the Old Types, and it may take thousands of years before we do finally outnumber them.

    The thing to do, the thing I do anyway, is that now that I’m aware of this difference, is to check people out for their selfishness levels. Are they able to apologize for mistakes? Or do they blame their errors and wrong acts on others? Are they stingy and give cheap gifts or none at all? The Old Type is unable to accept blame. They lack the ability, literally. They can be very charming and friendly when they want something, but they will not accept responsibility for their mistakes.

    Once I see which kind of person I’m dealing with, I make sure to not trust that person with anything important, because if they screw things up, they’ll never make it right, and I definitely never give them any sort of advantage over me.

  8. Ernesto Ribeiro says:

    Oh, damn…

    So, the reality is even worse than I realised…

    We are really the smallest MINORITY ever, Uncle Sheep.

  9. Black Sheep says:

    Not sure about that tho I tend to agree that we’re still a minority. What seems to be happening is that the two types are starting to melt into each other, sort of. That the Old Types are being born with some New Type characteristics. I think this because people aren’t as clear-cut that way as they used to be in ages past. It’s bound to happen as all the different races mix together.
    Which is also, I think, why the Middle Eastern Muslims continue to be such confirmed Old Types. They don’t mix, instead they inbreed.

  10. x says:

    I’ve got a Commie nephew, nearly punched the bastard last time we met. Seem to be so many loony left wingers in the UK at the moment. Point out that Communism never has worked but facts don’t matter. So bloody intolerant and vicious too, any “right wing” demonstrators are usually attacked by vastly greater numbers of violent lefties.