Last night I dreamed that I was deep in a forest of tall trees. Then I came back years later and found the forest gone and paved streets with rows and rows of houses in it’s place.

Then I dreamed of a huge ball of cheese with a colony of ants living inside it that ate cheese as their only food. The more they ate, the more they hollowed out the ball of cheese, and that made more room for ever more cheese-eating ants.

Does anyone see a possible future problem here?

2 Responses to “ANT DREAMS”

  1. x says:

    That’s what bothers me more about mass immigration more than anything else, the way our once pleasant country is being destroyed with more and more houses to meet the demand. Everywhere I go I see huge estates or more being built. There are a three lots in my little village, one is on a nice piece of woodland a short walk from me.

  2. Black Sheep says:

    I’ve already seen the massive destruction of Nature in this country because of construction. Wetlands ripped out, filled in and paved over, the ghost shrimp and clams made extinct for the sake of thousands of high-rise condominiums, vast tracts of farm and dairy land turned into vast tracts of urban homes, open deserts covered over by tens of thousands of houses and shopping centers.

    In my deep desire to see this expansion of the human population reversed I’ve even started writing a second book, a novel, that (hopefully) very logically predicts a future where exactly this happens, in a way that does no harm to anyone or anything.

    Maybe, Sir Xogg, if I manage to complete it, you might be the first to read it, by way of aiding in a second publication?