It’s here. 1984. Sometimes following a simple, logical line of thought leads to surprising conclusions. This one surprises me, anyway.

I was thinking that the world has become so dependent on the Internet that if it were to cease to exist, global civilization would collapse, anarchy would ensue and most of us would die. And this is true. All financial commerce goes through the Internet now, starting from the cash registers in every store in the world, to our bank accounts, to the transfers of huge sums between nations. Commerce stops at the hardware store when their Internet service has a blip, as happens around here from time to time. You can’t buy and you can’t sell lumber or food. You can’t even get a haircut without the Internet.

Communication would cease. Our old hard-wire phone systems are obsolete, gone, and we all talk on cell phones now, which would all cease to function at the same time as the Internet, and for the same reason: Nuclear War.

No nation dares to use it’s nukes for fear of starting a general use of them that would not just destroy their enemies, but themselves as well by way of electronics burnout. This is why China has told the North Koreans to toss it in, and agree to quit their nuke programs. Not because they want peace, they don’t, but because Pres. Trump has made it all too clear that he may just nuke N. Korea first to prevent an imminent attack on us in the USA, or at Guam or Hawaii, or on Japan.

The Internet looks like it’s going to be the savior of Mankind. You know, I’ve been wondering why so many high-tech companies are looking to the future and it’s promise of great wonders to come, with the world in such an unstable state. I’ve been wondering what they know that they’re not talking about, to think this way, and I think it’s finally come to me.

Nuclear arsenals are obsolete. Even as Russia and China claim to be creating new missiles to deliver them and even as Pres. Trump says that we’re developing more nukes ourselves, this may all be propaganda on all sides. No doubt some generals here or there still hate to see those things go unused, and no doubt as well that we still have to maintain an effective deterrent against nuclear attack, but the likelihood of any such attack by anyone has shrunk to nearly nothing because of global dependence on microchip technology and the Internet.

If this is not so, then what’s behind the drive to create new and devastating but non-nuclear weapons? Battles are still being fought today and nations will continue to try to dominate each other, because humans are still a long way from true intelligence yet, when the urge to violence finally fades from our DNA. If we can’t nuke each other, gas each other and infect each other anymore, then we need some other way of slaughtering ourselves without harming our precious microchips. And no doubt, we will find more than one.

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