Today, Pres. Trump called an end to the nuclear deal with Iran that was reached by Barry Soetoro or Obama or whatever that walking disaster’s name is, and he’s calling for imposing the maximum sanctions possible on Iran depending upon their next actions.

Those next actions are very likely going to be the resumption of full-scale efforts to build atom bombs and the long-range missiles able to carry them. Iran is the Muslim version of North Korea.

Obama’s partners in this pact with Iran were the United Kingdom, Russia, France, China, Germany and the European Union. All the Communists and Socialists.

Prior to Pres. Trumps announcement that he was ending the Iran Accord, the other signers of this deal had asked him not to end it, but to keep it in force instead. Their problem is that once this accord was signed, they were free to fully engage in business with Iran without any economic retaliation from the United States, and they’ve done so. Now that we are no longer a part of the deal, they can still continue to do business with Iran and probably will, which means that our sanctions are going to have a lot less effect than when we and all the EU nations were together in them. Now there’s little doubt that we’re going it alone in this.

It may seem unlikely that Pres. Trump will impose sanctions on any EU nations to force them to sanction Iran, because that would be bad for our own economy and American business. However, our continuing to accept the one-way terms of the Iran Accord would only provide more aid to Iran in their goal of eventually using nuclear weapons against Saudi Arabia and Israel, and potentially us. If Iran should launch such an attack, the economic consequences to everyone will be vastly greater than that of any sanctions we might impose on others.

So it remains to be seen, whether any of our European “allies” are willing to take an economic hit now in favor of sanctioning Iran, as opposed to an economic disaster in the years ahead if they don’t.

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