The most impressive thing about the North Koreans is the size of their soldiers hats. Their hats are so large that if they weren’t squeezed down at the bottom ends, they’d fall down past the ears and cover the entire head. I want to congratulate the North Koreans on their success at being the worst-dressed people on the planet. Someone should tell them, though, that poufy hats don’t make their starving soldiers look well-fed, they just make them look stupid.
Big-headed old jackass

Canolas are extinct. You all know my deep concern for our vanishing wildlife and plant species as humans take over more and more of the Earth’s surface, and now I find that not only are Canolas gone from us forever, they never existed in the first place. We buy salad oils such as Corn Oil, Safflower Oil, Olive Oil and Canola Oil, so how can this be? Because Canola stands for Canada Oil Low Acid, Can O L A, it’s made from Rape Seed, from the Rape Plant, and is very bad for you. However, it’s very economical to grow in Canada, therefor high profit, so they market it as being very healthful when in fact it’s the worst of all the oils for you. The best of all the oils is Corn Oil.

So let’s all help Canolas to REALLY become extinct by never buying another drop of that crap.

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