One of the ploys used by advocates of more and more gun control is to quote the gun homicide rate of the UK and compare it to ours. So yeah, let’s do that, only this time let’s do it honestly.

Our gun murder rate is done by simple body count. If someone is shot dead, that counts, regardless of the reason why. If the person was killed while attempting to kidnap a child, assault someone, rob a store at gunpoint, as a crime of passion, accidentally shot by some toddler that got hold of his gun, it all counts.

In the UK, it’s only counted as a gun homicide if someone is CONVICTED of a gun homicide. Not by body count at all, but only after a CONVICTION IN COURT.

The actual fact is that people are getting murdered over there just as much as they are here. The murder rate in London has just exceeded that of New York City, and that means that they CONVICTED more people of murder this year than the simple body count regardless of conviction in New York. When you consider how many murders go unsolved in England, their actual murder rate is probably higher than ours. The only difference is that since the people own fewer guns, they use different methods to kill each other.

Personally, if I have to get murdered I’d rather it was quickly with a gun than the horrible agony of stabbing or being beaten to death. Of course, the practice of running over lots of people with big trucks is a lousy way to die too.

The real truth is that we kill each other using what means are at our disposal. Over there, knives are the weapon of choice only because they don’t have guns, but if they did, the ACTUAL murder rate might be even higher, because their low murder-by-gun rate is tied directly to their gun ownership rate. Yet even without guns they’re killing themselves off just as fast as we are over here. Give them a lot more guns and the homicide count would probably explode, because it’s so much easier to kill someone with a gun than a knife, and look how many already die there from knife attacks.


  1. x says:

    Quite. Can’t see how more guns would help at all, they are far more lethal.

    Law abiding citizens having them for self defence would not make much difference anyway because these are largely black on black killings by gangs.

  2. xoggoth says:

    Quite. Guns are much more lethal and more of them would not help.

    Giving them to the law abiding for self defence would not make much difference as most of the killings in London and some other cities are by black youths on other black youths. The wonders of immigration.

  3. xoggoth says:

    Eeeeh. Double post. I blame the US, latest Windows update keeps changing my keyboard to US layout and giving me funny errors.

  4. Black Sheep says:

    Zounds! Another evil conspiracy to corrupt the minds of loyal British subjects. Quickly, devise a virus that will bring them down and save the Commonwealth. It’s that damned Bill Gates in cahoots with that sneering slime, Mark Zuckerberg. A pox on them all.

    Actually, no, I don’t believe you, I think you’ve perhaps had overmuch vodka, maybe huh? Thanks for dropping in, tho. 🙂

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