Back when the Black Death, aka the Bubonic Plague, was sweeping Europe, horse-drawn carts would rumble down the cobblestone streets with a man in the lead yelling “Bring out your dead”, for the bodies to be loaded onto the cart and taken away to be burned or buried.

Considering that so-called “Palestinians” are just another sort of plague, it seems appropriate to want to know where all the photos are of actual, dead Muslim rioters that the Israelis are supposed to be killing to prevent them from storming the border and killing Israelis. So far, all I can find are photos of these parasites throwing rocks and burning old car tires. Where are the bodies?

The closest I’ve come to an actual dead body is a picture of some joker on a stretcher being very theatrical, an agonized look on his face as he sits part way up in the stretcher, the back of his hand to his forehead. He looks like something out of a “Perils of Pauline” 1920’s movie. Totally staged.

I checked in on Jerusalem Post, the only Israeli news agency that I trust, and they quote “dozens” of protesters killed by rifle fire. Haaretz and the BBC are screeching much bigger numbers, thousands injured, yatta yatta, along with most other media that show their anti-Jew bias.

I’m very Pro-Israel and for good reason. They’re our only bulwark against the Muslims. Europe has caved in to them and installed Sharia Law and Sharia courts in many places, hell, even London elected a goddam Muslime mayor who’s doing his best to get everyone to become Muslimes.

This Stone-Age death cult that seeks to destroy human freedom has to be stopped and like it or not, it’s the Jews who are leading the way to do so.

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