My wonderful candles and etc. blah blah
My booth at the local Arts and Crafts Fair this Memorial Day weekend.

For part of the 2 days I was there, I wore an authentic old railroad conductors cap. It looks very similar to This One.

While thus adorned, some little old gal who must have been high as hell on something came by, stood there looking at me, and declared loudly for all around to hear, that “You are the cutest thing that I ever did see.” Of course, I thanked her for sharing that information with us all.

It’s true, when wearing a conductors hat I Am The Cutest Thing You Ever Did See. Take the hat off, nothing, all cuteness gone Poof! like it was never there. Ah, but put the hat back on and Hey, major Cuteness. It’s a hat trick. Magicians have nothing on me. No rabbit pops out, but one hell of a lot of CUTENESS sure appears from nowhere.

See all those things on that table? Those are free-form candles that I make, with pieces of river driftwood sticking out of them. Sold most of them, along with some incense, wind chimes and tumbled agates, all of which I also make or otherwise produce, and a lot of stick incense, which, yes, I also make and a big bunch of Strobe Candles, which, yes, I also make. Invented, in fact, back in 1967. I last made free-form candles like that about 50 years ago, had no idea if something like that would sell today, and was happily surprised. I’m signed up for the Fall show there too, so I’ll be making a bunch more for that.

I camped out there for 2 nights, on the ground, not a lot of fun especially considering the saloons at either end of that park and their booming, rip-roaring loud but poor quality rock bands blasting away until 2 AM both nights. But I was stuck with it. If I didn’t want my stuff stolen I had to sleep in the middle of it. Everyone else had these wrap-around cloth side walls for their canopies that sealed off their goods, a feature I was unaware existed, but am now and will have next time so I can sleep in my own bed at night.

I am just so cute in that hat… I don’t understand why some of those sweet young chickies didn’t offer me a night of unbridled sex. It can’t be my age, I’m only 79. I guess it’s just one of those mysteries.

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    sooooooooo cute…

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