Nipah, the sleeping Killah that’s Gonnah Getchah.
Nipah is the latest replacement for Ebola and Zika, two of 8 other killer viruses that could sweep the entire planet in an inescapable plague, that there’s no vaccine for and that has a death rate of 70 percent.

Nipah hails from India and is spread by fruit bats. The bat takes a bite from a piece of fruit that someone picks and eats, and presto, that person not only has Nipah and will probably die horribly in great pain from brain swelling, but is also HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS and will infect everyone who comes close to him. Neat, huh?

Right now they’re trying to contain it in India, and considering how many people there are there, how unsanitary the conditions are, how jammed together they all are and how they’ll eat anything remotely edible, I’d say the chances of them keeping this disease inside of India are less than Zero. The next place I look for it to spread to is Indonesia, and then Pakistan, followed closely by China. We’ll see, anyway.

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