there’s an old bit that if you put enough monkeys to pounding away at enough typewriters, one of them will eventually type out a copy of the Gettysburg Address or a Longfellow poem or some such.

For a long time I’ve ranted on this blog about the massive increase in the human population, and while thinking about something entirely different this morning, it came to me that this increase, that threatens our entire planet, may also be what savea it.

I was thinking about a conversation I had yesterday with a brilliant old gentleman who still seeks certain answers in life, and that while his road took him in a scholarly direction, there are others out there with powerful minds who cheerfully work as ditch diggers. It all depends on what life hands us as we’re developing and growing.

The more of us there are, the more super-geniuses there will be among us, and so, more of them than before will pursue careers in technology. The speed of advancement of human technology is necessarily going to increase because of the increase in the human population.

To travel between the stars we need the ability to neutralize the force of gravity. With enough brilliant minds working to find the way, someone will, and then one of two things, or possibly even both of them at once, will happen. The Earth’s great powers will share the effort to find new planets to settle, or we will take our competition a notch higher and a race for galactic supremacy will begin, at least in our local arm of our galaxy. But either way, the prospect of global war will be pushed farther back, since such a war would end the efforts by us, Russia and China to be first to find another Earth.

Overpopulation may be hell on not just us but all species on Earth, but it contains within it the promise of our becoming ETs on other planets.

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