I think it must be because we’ve conquered so many of the former threats against us, like lions and tigers, most diseases, and so forth, that we miss having dire natural threats to face. Which is why we seem hell bent on creating an artificial one.

We haven’t conquered war yet but the likelihood of another global conflict keeps getting smaller and smaller because none of us wants to be wiped out by nukes. We know that’s what will happen if we really get into it, and that knowledge is what keeps us from it.

So what am I talking about? AI, Artificial Intelligence. I was just watching a newscast about Google doing business with the Pentagon, selling them AI technology even as they know that it’s intended use is for the advancement of military uses of AI. Already we have automatic weapons that look like the stuff in the Terminator movies, self-propelled and autonomous machine guns that select which targets to shoot at.

The obvious next steps are to make them more intelligent and less likely to commit errors, and this of course will cause us to give them even more autonomy, until they roam utterly unfettered of human direction on battlefields. It’s a given that these robots will also be connected together as teams, with a master controller, or “commanding officer”, in charge of them. This officer will be another robot, not at first but eventually.

Now consider that. Intelligent machines whose only purpose is to kill humans. If the “soldiers” don’t start asking why, you can bet that sooner or later, the “officers” sure will.

How far do we take this? Give them auto-repair facilities to run back to, to fix damage? And of course, automated factories to build them. Maybe a creative function built in, to get them to keep improving their abilities and so forth? Hmm?

This is one of the two directions that AI is surely headed. The other is sex robots. The Japanese have been hard at work for years, creating steadily more attractive, intelligent, mobile and lifelike robots made expressly for sex.

In summation, AI development has two purposes. One is to fuck us. The other is to fuck us.

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