The ultimate end result of Pres. Trump’s abandonment of some trade agreements and reworking others to be more in our favor with the nations of the world is to increase our national prosperity and power. This necessarily also results in the decrease in the prosperity and power of the other nations, since they have been gaining far more from these trade agreements than we have. I’m referring, of course, to the massive trade deficit we’ve been enduring for decades with trade partners around the world.

This deficit has resulted in a great increase in prosperity for those partners and a great drain on our own, with the inevitable loss of jobs and wages and increases in poverty, crime, drug abuse and welfare rolls. The election of Barry (Barack) Soetoro (Obama), very possibly a Kenyan by birth regardless of his eligibility to be our president, was nothing short of a coup by the forces of Marxist Socialism over America. The miracle is that someone like Donald Trump should step up and reverse this coup, and save our nation from being plunged into the abyss of Socialist dictatorship and the miserable poverty it brings.

For a nation to have true prosperity, it has to be secure in the nature of that prosperity. Otherwise, what was gained can be quickly lost. This is the cause of the panic among the other 6 of the G-7, that they’ve based their prosperity not on their own ability to produce desirable goods and services, but on America’s ability to do so, and to continue to support their trade disparity with the United States. With Pres. Trump refusing to accept the existing trade agreements between our nations and demanding instead that the current status quo end and new, fair and equitable agreements be reached or stop trading with each other altogether, the prosperity of the other G-7 nations is about to suffer.

A similar current story in the news is about the 30 year old man who had to be legally evicted from his parents home before he’d leave. He refused to get out, find a job and get his own place and his parents had to take him to court and get a judge to order his eviction. The other G-7 nations are exactly like this ungrateful son, they’ve been sucking at the tit far beyond their years, and since they won’t stand on their own two feet voluntarily, Pres. Trump is evicting them.

What a guy. This is the second time in my life that I’ve been proud of an American President. The first was Ronald Reagan and I never did like him, he did a lot of bad things, but the one good thing he did was to cause the collapse of the Soviet Union. For that I was proud of our President. But Pres. Trump is a whole other deal. I’ve been proud of him since before he took office, while he was just running for office, and each day I grow fonder and more proud of this man. He’s already reached the level of Pres. Washington in my esteem and I hope someday he joins the others as the fifth face on Mt. Rushmore.

2 Responses to “EBB AND FLOW”

  1. x says:

    Wish we had a leader who put our country first. No way is trade fair between any nation in the West and the likes of China with their massive state subsidies and total disregard of intellectual property rights.

    I was a bit surprised to see even the UK has a trade surplus of £34bn with the US considering all the major US tech stuff we buy, Intel, Microsoft, Apple, etc not to mention defence stuff.

    Mind you, the figures seem a bit dubious according to this:

    “In 2014 the UK recorded that it had a services trade surplus of $44.8 billion with the USA. However, the USA thinks that should be a deficit of $13.3 billion. That’s a difference of $58.1 billion”



    • Black Sheep says:

      Ok but remember that the UK has some entirely different ways of adding things up. Like the gun homicide rate, recall that? Over here all gun deaths count, over there only actual homicide CONVICTIONS count, big difference.
      Which is why I tend to trust our numbers more. People here speak up promptly at the slightest sign of BS, in the UK they don’t. Maybe they’re too busy worshiping that effete cadre of leeches called Royals. Dunno. But the BBC, which stands for British Bull Crap and is the Official Voice, reports what sounds good for England.

      These numbers aren’t coming from Trump, they’re coming from our analysts whose job it is to keep track of this. Very likely we are purchasing stuff from the UK that the UK does not count under their export system.

      Not that I trust either government, don’t get me wrong. My opinion can be just as wrong as anyone’s. Just going by what seems most likely to me.