Death to Time! Magazine, that is, one of the filthiest Communist propaganda rags still being published. This morning when I looked in on Drudge Report, what did I see but THIS:


That disgusting visual attack on the finest President we’ve ever been privileged to have is followed up inside this yellow rag with a very long story by one Karl Vick that wails on and on about the sad plight of the Illegal Alien’s children, how they’re separated from their parents and this is all ENTIRELY the fault of that EVIL MAN, Pres. Trump, that this is his policy, he’s inflicting all this suffering and anguish on these poor innocent children and he doesn’t care, and BLAH BLAH BLAH.

Karl Vick is A LIAR! He actually says that Pres. Trump authorized this separation of Illegal Alien parents from their Illegal Alien children, when in FACT this was set up by Barack Obama, who had the kids essentially caged in rooms surrounded by hurricane-wire fencing to the ceilings and wrapped in tinfoil. The photo below is an actual picture of this, one of many that can be found now on the Internet.

Obama's tinfoil covered Illegal Alien kids

These people are all ILLEGAL INVADERS of our nation and most of them are Mexicans. If you enter Mexico illegally, you will be thrown into a prison and held for ransom, probably tortured and beaten, and your relatives will be extorted for money to get you out. If you have no one to help you, there’s a good chance you will never get out, or even live for much longer. Yet Mexico screams bloody murder at any imagined mistreatment of their people here illegally.

We, on the other hand, have been letting many of this bottom-layer scum of Mexico stay here, and have done our best to repatriate the rest in a humane way, even those who keep repeatedly getting caught illegally entering and committing other crimes as well. The truth that everyone ignores is that if these people would stop, or were stopped by us, from sneaking across our border in violation of our sovereignty, there would never be a separation issue or any other kind. We haven’t be doing anything wrong, THEY HAVE.

So I was happy to read that Time Yellow Rag had to cut it’s printed circulation by a full third in 2017, and that it’s ad revenues are decreasing. This vile tripe is a waste of good trees, the paper would be better spent in producing toilet tissue. Fortunately, the Internet and Iphones are killing off magazines, including Time Magazine. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

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