It’s time for another rant about religions. All religions. Here in the US of A, the one most often referred to in the news as if it were totally true and valid is Christianity. This in itself is really odd since we must have about a dozen radically different forms of it. I mean, even that wacko sect, Mormonism, is considered to be a form of Christianity, and those people are crazier than a gibbon with it’s balls on fire.

What set me off this time is a delayed reaction to some crap posted by a Crappist about how American “believers” are becoming less and less interested in going to church and giving money to churches. It went on and on about “believers” and “believing”, so much so that anyone who didn’t get it that religion is all about believing and not a bit about knowing had to be brain dead.

All religions are totally belief. Belief in amazing tales spun many centuries ago by a priesthood that had been in business for tens of thousands of years and was highly proficient at spinning yarns designed to wrap the listener up into a sense of awe, fear and obligation. Ostensibly, to whichever version of God was being expounded on but in reality, awe, fear and obligation to the teller, the guy in the fancy robes. Because it’s him they gave their money to, who in turn *supposedly* used that money to intervene for them with God, whatever God was. The very best story tellers became immensely wealthy and powerful, even to dominating the king or whoever was the titular ruler. Look at the Catholic Church for the best examples of this.

You know how they decide on the next Pope? Do you think it’s because their choice is the most Godlike among them? Hardly, Clyde. It’s for having 2 primary qualities. One, having the best, cleanest reputation. No accusations of boy-rape. And Two, for being a really great story teller. Charisma, believability, glibness.

There have been times when the ruler of Europe was so powerful that he forced the church to declare him Pope, and it was these times that resulted in the church losing power and prestige among the general population. Then, when the ruling regime ultimately hit a low and the church priests regained control of the church, Catholicism would rebound. This has happened repeatedly to it, over the past nearly 2000 years.

The thing that sets Catholicism apart from the others is that it was a united effort by the priests of all the dying cults that worshiped a variety of imaginary gods, to steal the worship of Jesus from the Jews and make it the new Roman creed. The next closest is the creation of Islam. Mohammad didn’t start it alone either, he was rich and powerful, and a lot of fellow Arab tribal leaders saw the value of adopting and enforcing this extremely subjugating set of beliefs.

Most religions practiced today, with the exception of some Native American faiths and those of a few primitive peoples here and there, are based on the religion of the Jews. Christianity is only an extension of that, as is Islam. What is now called Judaism sprang up about 1300 BC in Egypt and Babylon, about the same time that the Jews were in Babylon and also about the time that Abraham lived, who is credited by the Israelites with being the creator of One-God-Judaism, which they still practice today.

So the reality is that it’s not even the Jews who started all this “one god” stuff, but they are the ones whose religion has survived while the others died, and became the basis for today’s plethora of beliefs. This isn’t the reason Jews have been perennially abused and despised, but it’s a good start. The teaching of children right from birth to believe in lies instead of respecting and knowing truth is the single most damaging thing we humans do to ourselves and our world.

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  1. x says:

    Totally agree.

    PS Depressed x explains lack of comment on here. Still reading.

  2. x says:

    PS I shall now repeat the above due to too much ouzo. Not really, it is quite disgusting but not as foul as raki. Think I’d sooner drink from my van’s sump.

  3. Black Sheep says:

    British vans have sumps? Here, that word means a drainage compartment where all the nasty juices flow into, the dirt and filth from above. But I’m thinking that over there it probably means your engine’s crankcase, that holds the oil. Mmm?

    Anyway, you know without me telling you that alcohol is a depressant.
    I used to drink a lot. I do mean a lot. But I just somehow sort of “grew out of it”. Stopped. I never drink anymore, pretty much quit over 30years ago, which is a good thing for me because I’m one of those people who looks for trouble when I’m drunk and I’m too old now to be getting my block knocked off.

  4. x says:

    Never had that problem, the vodka drinker is part of my fictional online persona, don’t drink much at all these days.

    Yeh, vans have sumps in UK, and cars have boots not trunks, those are things elephants have!

  5. Black Sheep says:

    Those clever online fictional personas, I swear, you never know what they’ll do next.

    You mean elephants don’t store boots in their trunks? What?

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