Fox News has become almost completely incompatible with the Firefox browser. I have to click the Stop Loading X right after the page visibly loads because of the endless stream of “connecting to facebook, connecting to this, connecting to that” that takes forever to finish loading. Then, when I want to leave a comment on some article, the loading of other people’s comments takes precedence and it totally locks up, and I have to hit Alt-Esc, shut down Firefox and start over from my home page, Newsbleat.

So if I want to comment on something on Fox I end up having to do it here instead. I realize that all that extra crap they connect up to is generating income for them, but it’s nothing but a pain in the ass and a clog in the Internet for all the rest of us.

Today I was looking at an article about a woman in Wash. state, a florist, who’s being prosecuted by the Wash. Attorney General for refusing to create flower arrangements for a homosexual male couple’s so-called “Marriage”. Personally I think if queers can get married, it should be legal to marry goats, donkeys and sheep and so forth. But anyway….

The real problem here is that the AG is a Libtard Socialist and probably queer or he wouldn’t be trying to destroy the life of a middle-aged woman florist. The woman is a Christian, and her beliefs prevent her from just doing the fucking flower arrangements and taking the money like any good business person. So the second problem here is Christianity.

In both cases, the problem is doctrines and beliefs instead of dealing with reality. The Socialists are Fascists and the Christians are Fascists, BOTH, it seems to me, because both of them insist on shoving their credos down everyone else’s throats. Get rid of Socialism and all the other superstitious and political isms and the world would be a whole lot happier.

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