The United States State Department has issued the latest Travel Advisory for Mexico.

The Advisory lists 4 levels of Danger, from Level 1, which is Use normal precautions, to Level 4, which is DON’T GO, for the 31 Mexican states.

Not one state is Level 1. FIVE Mexican states are Level 4 DON’T GO!. Over half of the rest are Level 3, “Violent crime and gang activity are widespread.” Level 2 is “Exercise increased caution due to crime.”

Mexico is a SHITHOLE of criminal activity and corruption where they HATE Americans because we want to build a wall to keep them, their diseases, their crime and their drugs out of our country. No one is safe there, not other Mexicans and certainly not us.

If you go to Mexico for a holiday or vacation, YOU’RE AN IDIOT and you deserve what happens to you!


  1. x says:

    Not sure I’d want to go there, or a whole load of other places in the world. Dunno why some people are in such PC denial of the realities of some countries or what they bring us when our governments are stupid enough to let their citizens in. Look at all the gang violence in London today. We aren’t suppose to say it but rarely a white British face and name involved.

    PS Where’s old Ernesto these days?

  2. Black Sheep says:

    Yeah I’ve been wondering where he is too. I do hear from him once in a long while, he sends me emails loaded with dozens of pics of beautiful women. No, I’m not complaining. 🙂