You heard it here first. In fact this may be the only place you’ll ever hear it because it may never happen. But if it does, don’t forget to praise Newsbleat on all the social media and send me lots of money.

Here’s the deal. The new president of Mexico is of course backed by the drug cartels same as the last one, only the guy they just elected this time is a Socialist, meaning he’s actually a Venezuela-type Communist like Maduro, who replaced the previous Venezuela dictator, Hugo Chavez.

… Just a brief sidestep here … The Venezuelans hate their presidents, who impoverish them and ruin the country, yet they keep electing more of the same. Mexicans are just as stupid.

Anyway… Mexico’s newly elected president, known as Amlo (Andres Obrador) has made it clear that he not only hates the USA but that he’s going to do whatever he can to harm us. Here’s what that means to us and why I think it could lead to us invading Mexico and occupying that nation while we install a government system that’s a lot friendlier to us. We did this very successfully in Japan, remember, and they hated us at least as much as the Mexicans do.

Mexico provides 70 percent of our vegetable imports and almost 40 percent of our fruit imports. Think what would happen if that Marxist Mexican asshole, who will soon very likely position himself as a dictator, Venezuela style, doubles or triples the prices of their farm exports, while at the same time supports and finances mass invasions of illegal aliens across our borders, and nationalizes all the U.S.-owned industries in Mexico. Our automobile industry alone is heavily invested in Mexico, with many factories.

When Cuba was taken over by the Communist Fidel Castro, he nationalized everything we owned over there. Took all our business investments to himself and our response was a very screwed-up attempt to invade Cuba at a place known as the Bay of Pigs. Considering what we did to Iraq in a very short time, I don’t think it’s likely that we’ll ever repeat the Bay of Pigs fiasco. Mexico would fall quickly, and the truth is that the people would rejoice for it.

The whole reason they come here is because it’s better here. If we were running Mexico, the only people who’d complain would be those involved with the drug cartels. Everyone else would be overjoyed.

So the case for an invasion of Mexico looks pretty strong to me, it’s just a matter of the game playing out as I described.

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