The state of California, along with other Libtard, Socialistic states, continues to raise tax rates on all of us. Not just the wealthy, either. Already, anyone in Calif. who makes over $1 Million is saddled with a 13.5% income tax, which has resulted in most of the millionaires moving out of the state, which then results with that tax burden being added to the pile already imposed on the rest of us.

This is because Liberal states always spend more than they take in and raise taxes constantly to keep paying for their excesses.

But there’s a bright side. Poor people don’t pay income taxes, and poor people get lots of free stuff from their Liberal states that they don’t have to work for, like Food Stamps and discounts on their water and power bills, and other freebies that the Socialist state governments make middle class people pay for.

There’s a lot of talk now about the cost of a barrel of oil going way up, and people are freaking that it just hit $75, but it was over $90 back in the 1970’s and I’m pretty sure we lived through that okay. The problem with that in California is that this state has the highest gasoline taxes in the entire nation, and THAT’S what really drives up the cost of commuting.

So here I am in Sunny California, and not worried a bit about all those taxes and fuel costs. Why not? Because my income is below poverty level as determined by the Federal Government. For me, it’s comfortable, I eat well, have a very adequate wardrobe, comfortable home even in the current heat wave, and I don’t pay any taxes except property taxes because my income is below “poverty level”. Neither do I make use of any of the welfare doles. As for the cost of gas, everything I need is within a few miles of home, and I fill up the tank about once a month or so, for about $40. If the price of gas goes all the way up to $5, a fill up will cost me $50. $10 a month more. So what?

This is the secret to survival in a Socialist, Libturd state run by mindless jackasses. Live in a remote area away from industry, where property values are low. Buy an average, non-ostentatious home, drive a fuel efficient car, eat good food and stay healthy. This way, you can always fall back on the welfare system if things get bad and meanwhile, you’ll be one of those the state ignores because you aren’t a source of revenue.

3 Responses to “THE JOY OF POVERTY”

  1. x says:

    Or, to sum up, be a mean old sod! Me too.

  2. x says:

    60% of the cost of our fuel is F* tax! Bastards!

    At present I have more income than I spend although inflation is eating away at my fixed pension. If I can’t afford to live anymore I plant to murder somebody then I get free board and lodging in prison.

    • Black Sheep says:

      That’s a good plan. I think of murdering my neighbor quite often, in fact, but sadly I can only murder him once.
      I’ll keep that idea in reserve.