Yesterday an illegal alien, a Mexican, was arrested in California for attempted murder after inflicting grievous injury on his wife with A CHAINSAW. This was his 12th illegal border crossing after 11 previous deportations. He already had felonies on his record and this time he was also caught with a stolen car. So he’s going to prison, finally, instead of being repeatedly released.

The reason California Democrats keep releasing hardened-criminal illegal aliens isn’t because they care about them and want them to have another chance to be good. It’s because keeping them in prisons is extremely expensive and gobbles up $billion$ of tax dollars that they want to use for welfare programs to keep bringing in more illegals.

They want more illegals because that’s the voting base that keeps them in power, and to this end they give them drivers licenses and then accept that as proof of citizenship at the polls.

The problem they have is the more illegal aliens in California, the higher the crime rate soars, jamming those expensive prisons, and at the same time, the welfare rolls also soar. So they keep raising taxes to pay for the steadily increasing expenses that keep the illegals happy who keep them in power. California now is the most expensive state to live in, entirely because of increased taxes. It has the highest gasoline taxes in the nation, for example. The taxes have mostly been increased on the richest Californians, with the inevitable result that most of the rich people have moved to other states.

This has seriously reduced the state’s tax revenue. Many of the illegals who have jobs are working “under the table”, paying no taxes at all and sending most of their money home to Mexico and so on, even as they suck away at the welfare programs.

Plainly, this is nothing but a huge Ponzi scheme and it can’t go on. California will eventually go bankrupt, and when it does, the citizens will be stuck with a truly massive state debt while the perpetrators of this disaster will have absconded with huge chunks of state funds to nations where there’s no extradition.

There is a silver lining, tho. Once the welfare payouts end and the welcome mat is rolled up, the Mexicans will mostly go home, especially if the unemployment rate soars, which it most likely will.


  1. Ernesto Ribeiro says:

    A CHAINSAW ??? !!!

    This was his 12th (!!!) illegal border crossing after 11 (!!!) previous deportations

    WTF ???

  2. Ernesto Ribeiro says:

    California is The Most Self-Destructive State Ever. Period.