Our President has failed us, he’s gone over to the Russians, he’s Putin’s puppet, Putin has something on him, he’s denied our Sacred Secret Service story that Russia hacked the election, he’s weak, he’s hiding something, IMPEACH HIM, IMPEACH HIM. Give the election to Hillary Clinton!
Senator John McCain says that “today’s press conference in Helsinki was “one of the most disgraceful performances by an American president in memory.” We here at The Daily Crapshoot have to agree. Just because Great American Hero John McCain went over to the Viet Cong and gave them information that resulted in the loss of over 60 aircraft and many sailors lives, and is actually only pretending to be a Republican so he can block everything they try to do, that means nothing really, right?

Senator Mitch McConnell is a Russian co-conspirator with Pres. Donald Trump. Because we say so. Anyone who supports Pres. Trump is out to get you, and is lying. So believe us and not Pres. Trump or any of his supporters. Drink our Kool-Aid, we know what’s best for you, Love Big Brother, Work Will Make You Free, “Arbeit macht frei”, Sieg Heil.

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