My country is a war-mongering nation. I’d like to think that’s not so, but it is. The USA, or our government anyway…. let me rephrase that, the people who run our military in cahoots with those who run the rest of the show, like to hold a war every so often.

The Korean War is a good example. After thousands of American lives and a fortune lost, China still got to take half of the peninsula. We could have nuked them and should have if we really wanted to win it.

Then Viet Nam, where our generals just would not bomb Hanoi when doing so would have won the war. Massive American casualties, massive cost.

Then Iraq, massive cost, and this time massive civilian casualties and the destruction of a stable and non-threatening national government. Oh and let’s not forget Afghanistan.

None of the above were threats to us, so we went to war with them. When some small nation IS a threat to us, like North Korea or Iran, we engage in name calling and saber rattling but do we go to war with them? No. What we do is send troops to Syria, which also is not a threat to us.

We have a really impressive ability to fight small nations that don’t threaten us and ignore the ones that do and I fail to understand the logic of this, if there is any. In any case, Syria is winding down. We’re no longer zapping Assad’s forces, backed by Russia. We’re just going after ISIS, and apparently not very heavily, since there’s never any news coming out of Syria about our involvement any more. ISIS is on the run and soon Assad will have his country back, leaving our generals with nothing to do once again.

A serious, hot war in some small country would give Pres. Trump a wonderful distraction from all that Meuller/Russia/Collusion crap and our generals an excuse to play with their latest toys. At the cost of many young American military lives but hey, that’s what they’re for anyway, right? I mean, toys just left on the shelf get rusty and stop working right.

Expect another war soon.

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