Can’t put a title to this rant, it’s too scattered. But it’s cohesive just the same, just keep reading.

Never has there been so much political rancor in our nation, such a biased and bile spewing press and such insane rhetoric blowing out of the mouths of those who campaigned for office on a promise to serve the people instead of their hidden and personal agendas.

Never before have we had the level of lethal military technology like we have now. The Cold War arms race has never really ended and our ability, as a race, to destroy each other is now beyond comprehension. Nations brag openly about their weapons and the mass destruction to us and our planet that they can cause, and they openly threaten each other with the use of them. Yet the race to create bigger, deadlier weapons that cause wider and wider damage goes on.

The human populations of Earth are on the move, out of Africa and the Mideast into Southern Europe. So are the peoples of Eastern Europe. The people of Central America are flooding into North America, and all of them are fleeing either famine, poverty, war or conflicting religions except for the Mexicans, who are just being parasites, like fleas jumping onto a fat dog.

Before humanity began to spread out across the planet, the Earth was in nearly perfect balance. After hundreds of millions of years of evolving, all the living things on Earth had developed a balance that kept populations in check and provided an ecological niche for everything. Only natural disasters like volcanoes and floods disturbed this equilibrium.

But then we began wiping out our predators and building defenses to keep them out, and we became more successful, and our numbers grew. And now we’ve spread into every corner of the planet and are still spreading, trashing everything that went before, wiping out the millions of years, burying the balance under asphalt and concrete.

We can’t get along with each other. Nations are in conflict with themselves and their neighbors simultaneously, and we have no respect or concern for the lives and living space of other creatures. It’s as if we think we’re the only thing that matters.

You see why there’s no title to this blast. It’s about a mess, the biggest mess humanity ever created, bigger than World War Two, and the mess is us. Human presence on this planet is the mess. Yet this same kind of mess must have happened on a billion planets where one form of life became dominant and wiped out all the others except those that served it’s purposes. Here on Planet Earth, the battle is between forms of government against a type of the species.

The Chinese are trying for the second time in human history to be the dominant species, and are battling with Globalism and Democracy to be the only form of government.

Ultimately, given the nature of Man, and assuming we don’t destroy ourselves first, some form of planetary dictatorship will prevail that places about as much value on a human life as it does a chicken. We’re very close to that now in most of the world, and as our numbers continue to increase, this attitude will spread until we reach a maximum. What is a maximum?

A maximum Earth population is that point where there’s so many of us that our numbers are unsustainable, and we finally start dying off as fast as we’re born. At this point, in a global dictatorship, we will do what the Chinese tried to do, which is limit the number of births. This time around it will be much easier to accomplish, since babies can be sterilized at birth and selective breeding programs will be in place. Birth control chemicals can be placed in the food. It will be easy in a global dictatorship.

And really, it’s that or we reduce ourselves by war into isolated pockets of survivors, who must wait thousands of years for the radiation to die down enough to spread out over the devastated planet once again. A book could be written about the mutations that would prove beneficial for survival, but that’s another story.

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