The turkey is a fairly common game bird here in the good ol’ USA, and known to be wily in the wild, and stupid in captivity. Put a big washtub full of water in a pen with turkeys and they’ll jump in and drown themselves out of sheer stupidity. Savvy critters in the woods and fields but not so bright on close inspection.

That describes the people of Turkey pretty exactly. They voted in a known Islamist, a creep called Tayip Erdogan, to be their president, knowing full well that he’s an Islamist and wanted to end Turkey’s long history as a secular state. Which he has, removing all the guards and protections that ensured Turkey would stay secular, and with the latest election he’s made himself Dictator For Life of an Islamist state dictatorship. Not real smart, you Turks.

Under his leadership, Turkey has stepped up their war against the Kurds, a non-Islamic bunch of Arabs who they tried to exterminate once, years ago, in a massive slaughter and still deny what they did to this day. The Kurds are good people who want and deserve their own state, something the Turks want to prevent by any means possible.

Erdogan’s been supporting ISIS by buying their stolen oil, even though Turkey’s a NATO member and NATO is fighting against the ISIS terrorists. Turkey is holding an American pastor charged with assisting in the “coup” against Erdogan, even though the so-called coup was a fake engineered by Erdogan and his Nazi thugs to consolidate his power. Pres. Trump made a deal with Erdogan to get a Turkish terrorist freed in exchange for the American, and Turkey reneged. So now there’s threats of sanctions.

We occupy part of the Turkish Tikrit air base, which is strategic for us in that area. Turkey is -almost- in the Middle East. However we also have 8 military bases in Kuwait, so we don’t really need Tikrit and my supposition is that we stay there only to be an internal threat to Erdogan’s government. He doesn’t dare attack us there, the consequences would be a disaster for him. At the same time, the steadily worsening relationship between us must have some consequences, and it does. Pres. Trump is about to impose sanctions on Turkey and the Senate has already blocked a pending sale of F-35 warplanes to Turkey.

Erdogan seems to think that he can use that Christian preacher and Tikrit as high cards in a winning hand, to push Pres. Trump and the US around, but the truth is that it won’t take much to crash Turkey’s economy, and when that happens in Islamist countries, violent government overthrows soon follow.

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  1. x says:

    I suspect if he carries on the way he is going there will be unrest there. There are big divisions in that society, more rural areas tend to be more conservative and may support the bastard but I doubt they are so keen in the cosmopolitan areas. If you go to Turkey as a tourist, one thing that is obvious is that most of the young people you see don’t act like strict Muslims, they like drinking, partying and doing all the other things ours like doing.

    Let’s hope the bastard is out soon.

  2. Black Sheep says:

    Thanks for your insight. You’re a lot closer to that situation than we are over here. Overturning his reign may not be so easy, he’s obviously preparing to stay in power, purging possible dissidents by the thousands with his phony coup as an excuse. It’s interesting to watch, anyway, and I’m glad I’m not a Turk.

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