I get a kick out of the nutty obsessives who call themselves “Creationists” and insist that everything that lives was created by an all mighty deity. That evolution is some sort of illusion or mirage.

So I got to thinking, how hard would it be to prove by example that evolution is real and can be demonstrated well within a person’s lifetime, and the Galapagos Island finches immediately came to mind.

Here’s what I’d do. Pick one species of finch that feeds only on one type of food source and provide a constant quantity of that food source. Only, surround it on all sides with something like chicken wire, of a size that only the smallest of those finches can get in. In less than 10 years I bet there would be little finches that breed true to size who only feed on that particular food source. The larger finches won’t be able to reach it and will have long since given up trying.

Now, put the food behind a second wire cage that only allows those little finches with the longest beaks to reach it. Wait 10 years, and you’ll have only little long-beaked finches eating that food source. The other little finches will have gone back to their other sources of this food.

This is almost exactly the process that Charles Darwin discerned, only without human intervention to speed things up and taking hundreds of years rather than a few decades.

You don’t hear much from Creationist nuts anymore, though, because now the argument has shifted to a much more basic level, which is whether a god exists at all. All I can say to that is, anyone who’s danced with Santa Claus and flown on the back of the Tooth Fairy has no problem knowing the answer. The rest of us, well, ………

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