Vermont is our 6th smallest state, and that’s really small, and our 2nd smallest in population, with just over 600,000 people for the entire state. That isn’t stopping them from trying to be a second California, though, in spite of their freezing winters and tiny size.

No indeed. Vermont is apparently about to elect as governor a severely mentally ill person, a man who thinks he’s a woman, calls himself Christine instead of Dave and wears a wig and women’s clothes, and openly admits he’s had gender dysphoria, an established mental illness, for many years.

There’s an agonizingly long article gushing away about “her” in Politico, which I won’t link to out of pure disgust and respect for you, the reader, that’s clearly pushing to get this freak elected.

If he at least resembled a half-way decent looking woman, it would help, but this guy is plainly a man in women’s clothing and makes a seriously ugly woman. He’s a guy with long hair and dressed funny, but that’s okay in Vermont, boy, they don’t mind that a bit.

I dunno, maybe they eat too much maple syrup and all that sugar has crystallized in their brains or something. As much as these wackos tout “Transgenderism”, the plain reality is that there’s no such thing. Born a woman, always a woman. Born a man, always a man. You can cut off the dick, pour in the hormones, grow breasts, have your facial and other hair permanently removed and wear women’s clothes but you can’t change your bone structure, change your brain, grow a womb, a clitoris, generate eggs and all the other big and little things that make a woman a woman.
Nor can women get a real penis and testicles or change their own brain and bone structure to that of a man.

If you aren’t happy with the sex you were born with, then you need counseling and therapy and maybe some medication, you don’t need to have your problem applauded and approved of and declared “normal” by those who only want you to join them as an affirmation that their own condition is okay. That’s exactly what drug addicts do and why they stick together. Drug addicts always seek out other drug addicts, but even if you can form a community of 10,000 drug addicts, that doesn’t mean that addiction is normal and good.

You can’t tell that to people in California, though, and apparently not in Vermont, either.

2 Responses to “VERMONT”

  1. Ernesto Ribeiro says:


    come on, guys… let the crazyness to the Mexifornians…

  2. Black Sheep says:

    Vermont is a Liberal state, most of the people take the liberal view that everything anyone does is okay as long as it isn’t done to them or their children, personally. But if their own sons decide they want to be girls instead, hey, no problem, the parents will tell their doctor to give the kid hormone shots and cut his dick off.
    This is why Liberalism really is a form of mental illness.