It was announced today that a US Space Force has been inaugurated with the purpose of dominating the militarization of the space around planet Earth, and I would suppose eventually our entire Solar System.

Not really a bad idea. If we’re in orbital position to shoot down any missile launched by any nation, anywhere, we can prevent nuclear attacks. With enough deployment of such capability, enough to deal with hundreds or possibly thousands of missile firings simultaneously, the threat of nuclear war would end and nukes would become obsolete.

I can see this being made possible without having to put some sort of Star Wars laser guns on massive space platforms in orbit by the dozens. All that’s needed is enough spy satellites capable of detecting missile launches, working in partnership with a 1000 or more interceptor-missile batteries around the planet. Someone launches an ICBM, it’s immediately detected from space and within a few seconds, missiles are launched to intercept and destroy it.

It would actually be a surprise if we didn’t have something like that now. Our Early Warning System was created about 60 years ago using radar stations to warn of attack, but we didn’t have the space capabilities we have now. Logically, most of the needed surveillance satellites are already in place and all that’s really required to finish the project would be missiles or other means capable of intercepting incoming missiles. The Chinese are claiming to have missiles that can travel at well over 5000 miles an hour and are supposedly unstoppable, but the Chinese lie a lot and nothing is unstoppable anyway. There’s always a deterrent technology.

What would be great would be if Russia, China, India, Pakistan, North Korea, Iran, etc. etc. would just stop all the warmongering and wasting of resources, and focus on making the planet a better and safer place for life generally. Us too.

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