Most of us expect the next big, I mean BIG war to start by some attack from China or Russia against the US or some other nation. Maybe not, if it does happen.

The first Big War started in some tiny nation with the assassination of some minor official. Granted that the second one was fomented by Germany and Japan, but the third? Turkey is beginning to look like a real possibility.

“(Bloomberg) — Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned the U.S. that its decades-long alliance with the country is at risk…” Isn’t that great? This dictatorial Muslim is warning us when it’s his actions that are causing the problems, not ours.

Pres. Trump is applying sanctions to Turkey for Erdogan’s hostile moves toward us and now Erdogan is threatening to stop being our ally? Really? When was he ever our ally? Turkey was, when it was still a secular nation, before this Islamist took over and put an end to that, but not now. Not when they’ve become so openly hostile to Israel, are falsely imprisoning Americans, attacking our efforts in Syria.

Erdogan is another Mussolini, Mugabe, Ortega or Maduro. Puffed up, full of himself, with a god complex, and I think he’s about to do something really bad. His blaming us for not just hostility between our nations but increasing hostility when he’s the cause of it should alarm anyone. The phony, staged “coup attempt” that he orchestrated to give him that dictatorship is just part of this whole show. I know what he really wants.

He doesn’t want Turkey to be part of NATO any longer, he wants to join forces with Iran, and he very much wants to get hold of any nuclear weapons we still have stored at Tikrit Air Base in Turkey. We maintain a fleet of our warplanes there and last I heard, we had “about” 50 atomic bombs there.

What if Erdogan suddenly sends in troops, attacks and kills our military personnel and takes over? There’s no way that Pres. Trump could allow Erdogan to get away with this. Immediate and very decisive action would have to be taken. The first move by Erdogan would be to fly as many of our nukes out of Turkey as he could, and some of them would go to Iran. Then we might have to nuke Iran.

Who knows? All I know is that a very big shitstorm could start at any time over there and I know that I’m right about Tayip Erdogan, it’s plain for all to see and doesn’t take a genius.

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