Catholic priests call themselves “Father”. They rape children. Father rapers.

In the state of Pennsylvania alone, 301 Catholic priests have just been named as rapists of children. The Catholic church divides each state up into “dioceses”, there are 8 of them in Pennsylvania and all 8 are deeply involved in child rape.

There are 195 of these “dioceses” throughout the United States. If the ratio for Pennsylvania holds true for all of them, then that’s 37.6 child rapist priests per diocese and 7,337 child rapist Catholic priests nationwide. That’s a huge number of child rapists hiding in the Catholic church and being protected while they continue to ruin children’s lives all over America.

The horror of this is that it isn’t only the Catholic Church that’s really an organization of child predators. Others are as well. The Mormon church claims that it’s only “offshoot sects” that engage in marrying 13 year old girls off to 45 year old, and older, men, yet it keeps happening and they’re all Mormons. There are abuse reports of cover-ups within the Jehovahs Witnesses, who are very secretive generally. Churches make great places to get away with sex with children, this is a wide-spread problem, and one more good reason why religions are a cancer.

The Chinese government under Xi is going rapidly more totalitarian as a Communist nation, and now there’s a report that pictures of Jesus are being ripped down and replaced with Chinese flags. China is going all-out to wipe out all religions and replace them with “loyalty to the state”, something we saw before during the time of the Soviet Union.

The Chinese have a point, though. Religions are divisive and cause internal dissension and strife. Here in America, the Religious Right keeps pushing and pushing and pushing for an end to women’s right to abortion, and they get pretty radical about it. Abortion doctors have been assaulted and murdered, abortion clinics have been trashed. All in the name of Jesus, of course. The various religions fight among themselves even as they fight against our laws because the laws conflict with their mistaken beliefs, and as they continue to assault our children.

All religion is hypocrisy at best. All religions are based on superstition, all religions teach fear and they all are divisive. Replacing them with some sort of government Party Worship is no better. What’s really needed is an end to all of it. The whole point of religions is to provide answers, and humanity needs to stop looking to the lying purveyors of holy bullshit for truth, stop accepting beliefs as fact, and start worshiping truth.

I still remember when I figured out that Santa Claus wasn’t real. That’s when I first knew that my parents had lied to me. I couldn’t understand, then, why they’d lie to me. Why not just tell me it was a fun story in the first place and let it go at that? Instead, we take it for granted that it’s okay to tell children crap that isn’t really so, probably because we’re told similar crap by priests and preachers and we stupidly believe them. But it’s all Santa Claus and it’s time for it all to be left behind. Religions are part of painting in caves, hunting with sharp sticks, spirit creatures and witch doctors. The human race needs to move on.

One Response to “FATHER RAPERS”

  1. Ernesto Ribeiro says:

    In the state of Pennsylvania alone, 301 Catholic priests have just been named as rapists of children!!!???

    7,337 child rapist Catholic priests nationwide!!!???

    one more good reason why religions are a cancer.