This is a followup on the previous post. If nothing else, it’s one sort of answer to my own question of why the world is such a mess.

After the Second World War ended, and everyone started rebuilding, the mantra everywhere was Growth, Growth. Growth became the God of Prosperity, to prosper we must Grow, grow our cities, grow our farms, our population, everything must Grow. The same was true for Europe, Asia and Africa. The primary mission of religious missionaries was to promote modern methods, to increase farming outputs and grow the populations, grow the cities.

Growth was the world’s mantra and still is. Earth’s population has soared, we’ve topped 8 billion people now and are heading for at least 10 billion. But with all this growth has come rampant crime, terrorism and hostility. The world’s religions are at odds with each other like never before. We seem to be constantly on the brink of another world war, but always on the brink, never over the edge into it, and meanwhile our population continues to grow.

As it grows, mass migrations are happening. Everyone is getting mixed together all over the planet like never before. The only possible outcome if this keeps on is that the human race must eventually homogenize. Even the religions must ultimately fuse and melt into one basic creed. Christianity and Islam are both founded on the same teachings, for starters.

The only block to this homogenization is China, which wants to eliminate all religion. But as far as race is concerned China seems to be neutral on the subject. They just want to be in charge of all the rest of us and their method of doing it, so far, is encroachment, threatening and bullying. Now they’re joining forces with Russia so maybe they aren’t the block they appear to be.

SO. We know about Globalism, could part of the Globalist plan be to homogenize the human race? That all the population growth and prosperity is part of a plan to make us all one basic race? Certainly, destroying cultures greatly promotes this, and Europe is being thoroughly de-cultured, if that’s a word. I won’t be surprised to see old statues being torn down by “demonstrators” all over Europe exactly the same way statues of our Civil War figures are being torn down by “demonstrators” here. It’s not just Europe that’s having it’s culture destroyed.

Interracial marriage use to carry a bad stigma, but now it’s common and accepted, largely due to the media now presenting it in a positive light instead of the negative one it did before.

Well, that’s my Conspiracy Theory. All the growth, all the population expansion and prosperity, has as it’s real purpose the homogenization of the human race into one race. One race, one world culture, one world nation. So wake me in 500 or 600 years, it will either be a done deal by then or I was wrong. In which case, feel free to sue me.

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