Reading the news anymore is like going down the rabbit hole. None of it really makes any sense. I keep trying to come to some sort of conclusion about something and always end up blind alleys. China supposedly is about to become the world’s largest economy, yet China’s economy is faltering. Russia and China are holding military exercises together. What the hell is that? They’ve been enemies since forever. Pres. Trump keeps contradicting himself, why doesn’t he just stop talking to the media so much?

This Mueller Special Prosecutor witch hunt. Why hasn’t he been fired? Why isn’t AG Sessions doing anything visible about anything? Why is he still Attorney General? Why are all those traitorous bastards in the CIA and FBI still there?

Why is the media allowed to continue attacking our President so viciously and falsely? The FCC could pull any of their licenses, why are they still in business? Or at least being fined for lies and slander. At the least, their licenses could be held under review for false reporting.

Turkey is steadily turning toward Iran’s brand of Islamic totalitarianism and away from NATO and the USA. Europe is overrun with African Muslims and their cultures are doomed along with the former cleanliness and safety of their streets. Terrorism has become common. San Francisco’s streets are no longer safe, they’re full of transient, homeless, violent people who piss and shit in public to the point that a whole new city task force called the Poop Patrol has been created whose sole job is to go around cleaning up the feces. Conventions to be held in S.F. are being cancelled for these reasons.

Gender Dysphoria, a recognized mental illness, is now protected by many state laws as a legitimate sexual choice and doctors regularly perform mutilating operations to remove men’s genitalia and make them appear to be females. Children in many schools are being told that they can change their sex, that gender isn’t dictated by birth but is fluid and changeable. It’s insanity.

The only women who used to have tattoos were whores and circus freaks. Now I see them with their bodies covered in ink like walking cartoons.

The Catholic Church is now known to be a harbor for pedophiles all over the world and the head of it, the Pope, is clearly going to do absolutely nothing to rid the church of these priests or compensate the tens of thousands of victims. Why anyone would still believe in this religion and pay into it is just nuts.

As Pres. Trump continues to improve our economy, the more he does to help Americans, the more he’s attacked by many of us who are completely sucked into the socialist insanity of the Far Left Democrats.

In South Africa now, the black government is out to take farms away from any owners who are white. Next will be the businesses, exactly like Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, and the result will be exactly the same, starvation and poverty as the nation collapses. WTF?

I don’t know. I’m sitting here in awe of the amazing mess humanity’s created for itself and the only possibility of it ever calming down and becoming a peaceful world, it seems to me, is for most of us to stop being here, because we’re the problem.

3 Responses to “HELTER SKELTER”

  1. Ernesto Ribeiro says:

    Please, PUBLSH this brillant article of yours at all the Communities you can.

    EVERYBODY must read this delicious text!

  2. Ernesto Ribeiro says:

    Kevin Hagus:

    “Very good synopsis of what is wrong with humanity at this point in history. I can’t remember off hand the name, but I remember someone a number of years ago that stated…The most dangerous and virulent pestilence on this planet are human beings.”

    • Black Sheep says:

      Yeah, that was probably me who said that. I’ve been saying that we’re our own worst problem for a very long time now.

      Thanks for your kind words, though I’ll let others re-publish that article and any others they care to that I write. Nothing here is copyrighted.

      Newsbleat will never be more than a voice in the wilderness and that’s okay. It’s still a voice and it adds to the others like it, and when you put them all together it’s a roar that gets heard. I’m far from alone in speaking out against overpopulation and I’m certain that the day will come when we finally take our excess numbers into hand and do something about them. Simply because if we don’t, events beyond our control will do it for us, and in ways we really won’t like.

      For instance, the threat of a global, annihilating disease that wipes out most of us is a constant reality today and will continue to become worse as our numbers keep growing.
      An asteroid strike will happen sometime. It simply will.
      Too many nuclear-armed nations with too many A-bombs.
      The eruption of one of our Mega-Volcanoes will kill off half of us. What if two of them blew, one setting off the other? Then what?

      Take the long view. Our lives are short compared to pretty much everything else and our own history is full of population-decimating disasters. I would much rather see humanity get a grip on itself than have Mother Nature do the job for us.