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Thursday, September 6th, 2018

The New York Times has run a story written by someone who claimed to be one of the top staffers in the White House, in Pres. Trumps administration, and who says that there are many members of the President’s staff who actively resist and sabotage his administration. The name of this person is not given.

There are only two possibilities here, either the story is yet another effort to create dissension and mistrust within our government, and is a total lie, OR, it’s true at least in part, and the person who wrote it actually is a senior White House official.

There is a way to know the truth. Have all White House employees, from the Cabinet on down, take a lie detector test. If any of them refuse, that’s fine, just fire them. For the rest, if no one fails the test, then the story was a lie. If anyone does fail the test, fire them. No employer in America is required to give any reason at all for firing any employee. In fact it’s better not to. That way they can’t claim some sort of discrimination and launch a lawsuit.

Employers have a right to require their employees to take lie detector tests as well as drug tests. Refusal to take the tests is reason for termination.